What did the French search for on Google in 2022?

Google reveals the major trends in French searches in 2022. The war in Ukraine, the World Cup or the presidential election are in the lead.

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Google France has unveiled the main trends in French searches for the year 2022.
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VSs every end of the year, Google France reveals the ranking of French searches on its search engine. If a subject emerges well for 2022, it is that of Russian invasion in Ukraine : the words Ukraine » and Russia » both appear in the top 3 trends of the year. The FIFA World Cup in Qatar takes second place overall. Actor Gaspard Ulliel, who died suddenly at the age of 37 in January, and French presidential election complete the top 5.

“Through the requests of the French, we see a portrait which hollowly reflects the major subjects of this year”, commented Sébastien Missoffe, the general manager of Google France, Thursday, December 8, 2022 on France Inforecalling that this ranking is based on the most significant peaks in searches compared to the previous year.

The French also questioned their search engine a lot about practical questions related to the elections, but also to the health crisis or even at the fuel shortage.

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A slap in the face at the Oscars

A sign of the omnipresence of the conflict in Ukraine in 2022, in the first place of the most searched public figures on Google is Russian President Vladimir Putin. The top 5 of this category, however, displays varied topics: actor Will Smith, whose Oscar slap went viral in March 2022, takes second place. It is followed byElisabeth Borne, appointed to Matignon on May 16, 2022of Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron’s main opponent in the presidential election, and finally of Johnny Depp, whose trial against Amber Heard was last spring’s soap opera.

On the side of the deceased, the actor Gaspard Ulliel, who died in a fall from skiing, takes first place in the trends. He is followed by the journalist Jean-Pierre Pernautof the young Lola, violently murdered on October 14and finally Queen Elizabeth II.

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Where to find gasoline and mustard?

The health crisis has again affected the French a lot this year: Case contact what to do? » This is the question they asked Google the most. The questions about the war in Ukraine were also numerous: Why the war in Ukraine? »,“PWhy is Russia attacking Ukraine? » But also questions relating to the presidential and legislative elections: where to vote, how to vote, how to register on the electoral lists? Or : Nudeswhat’s this ? »

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Finally, more day-to-day questions animated the Year of the French: the question where to find gasoline? » figure in a good position, closely followed by where to find mustard? », reflections of different episodes of shortages. “There is a duality that sums up the year 2022 very well, which is this link between very local concerns and more global concerns around geopolitics”, concludes the boss of Google France.

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What did the French search for on Google in 2022?