What video games have already been crowned at the Game Awards, the Oscars of video games? [Vidéo]

The summary is as classic as it is imperfect: we often present the Game Awards like the video game Oscars. A way to quickly understand what is hidden behind this English-speaking name: an event organized in the United States, which highlights the creativity of the video game industry and honors the creations acclaimed by critics. This year, the ceremony takes place on December 8. And just like the Oscars or the Goncourt, it’s also an opportunity to take a curious look at widely acclaimed games, even without being unbeatable on video game news.

A popular meeting

However, unlike the Oscars, the Hollywood ceremony of the Game Awards is very young. The first official edition took place in 2014. It is also part of a set of awards and distinctions that mark the video game sector each year. Despite this, the event has found its place: the last edition brought together more than 80 million spectators. The meeting is prized for its track record, but also, in recent years, for the announcements and video game releases that are presented and widely expected.

Six French works nominated this year, including two in the “game of the year” category

The principle takes up that of ceremonies such as the Emmy Awards or the Victoires de la Musique. The games can be named in about thirty categories. The main one designates the “game of the year”, or “GOTY” (Game of the Year) for the regulars, among six nominees. This year, there are two games developed by French studios. The CNC also highlights a “record” this year, with “six nominated works, including two in the ”game of the year” category”. A small part of the result is voted on, but 90% of the score goes to a jury.

The list of “GOTY”

Concretely, what are the video games that can be distinguished during this ceremony? Whether you’re looking for a gift idea as Christmas approaches, you’re running out of inspiration on the next game to devote a few hours to, or you just don’t want to completely miss out on the gaming discussions video around a festive meal, here is compiled the “GOTY” of previous years.

The most anticipated game

Behind this main category of “game of the year”, many nuggets are to be discovered among the prizes dedicated to artistic work (best production, best narration, etc.), to the type of game (best game for the family, strategy, combat…) or upon its reception (accessibility, adaptation). Several categories are also dedicated to e-sport. As for upcoming video games, a prize officially looks to the future: the prize for the most anticipated game. Yes, a video game success is sometimes played from the impatient waiting of the fans that the studios know how to raise. So what will you need to watch out for in the coming months? Response with this 8th ceremony.

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What video games have already been crowned at the Game Awards, the Oscars of video games? [Vidéo]