What were the most popular searches on Google in 2022?

(ETX Daily Up) – Our searches on Google very often follow the rhythm of news, trends and unusual events. For its 2022 report, the search engine unveiled the most popular searches of the year around the world, in several categories. Overview.

What events have the most passionate Internet users in the world in 2022? The research platform revealed Iare top 10 search terms that had the highest spike in traffic this year compared to the previous year in different categories: rglobal searches, news, series, movies, actors, celebrities, athletes and even deaths.

The real success of the year 2022, the game “Wordle” imposes itself in global searches, followed by the cricket match between the Indian team and England in July 2022. Ukraine obtains the third place in global searches on Google, necessarily propelled by the war against Russia which continues to punctuate the news.

The country of Volodymyr Zelensky also tops searches in the news category, followed by the death of Queen Elizabeth II and “the election results”.

On the entertainment side, the film “Thor: Love and Thunder”, with Chris Hemsworth, was the most sought after, alongside “Black Adam”, worn by Dwayne Johnson, and “Top Gun: Maverick”, with Tom Cruise. HBO wins the bet for the category “series” with Euphoria“, followed by “House of the Dragon“.”Moon Knightsaves the honor of Disney+ in third place.

Whether for the top actors or for the top celebrities, the top three remains unchanged. Johnny Depp, Will Smith and Amber Heard captivated Internet users. The lawsuit between the former couple Johnny Depp / Amber Heard made the buzz on social networks, followed by millions of socionauts, while Will Smith slaps comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars will have marked the spirits.

Tennis player Novak Djokovic wins in the athletes category. The latter made headlines for his refusal to be vaccinated against Covid-19, thus preventing him from playing in the Australian Open. Serena Williams has sparked attention after announcing her retirement from the sport.

Finally, the emotion won over Internet users with the disappearance of Queen Elizabeth II, but also of the cult actress Betty White and that of Anne Heche after a car accident.

Most popular searches in 2022 on Google:

1) Wordle

2) India vs England (cricket match)

3) Ukraine

4) Queen Elizabeth

5) Ind vs SA

6) Soccer World Cup

7) India vs West Indies

8) iPhone 14

9) Jeffrey Dahmer

10) Indian Premier League


1) Ukraine

2) The death of Queen Elizabeth

3) Election results

4) The American lottery draw (Powerball)

5) Monkey pox

6) Hurricane Ian

7) Verdict of the trial of Johnny Depp

8) Uvalde, Texas shootout

9) Will Smith Oscars

10) Roe v Wade


1) Euphoria

2) House of the Dragon

3) Moonknight

4) The Watcher

5) Inventing Anna

6) Dammer

7) The Boys

8) All of Us Are Dead

9) Sandman

10) Heartstopping


1) Thor: Love and Thunder

2) Black Adam

3) Top Gun: Maverick

4) The Batman

5) Canto

6) Brahmāstra: Part One – Shiva

7) Jurassic World Dominion

8) KGF: Chapter 2

9) Uncharted

10) Morbius


1) Johnny Depp

2) Will Smith

3) Amber Heard

4) Chris Rock

5) Jada Pinkett Smith

6) Joseph Quinn

7) Evan Peters

8) Andrew Garfield

9) Julia Fox

10) Ezra Miller


1) Johnny Depp

2) Will Smith

3) Amber Heard

4) Vladimir Putin

5) Chris Rock

6) Novak Djokovic

7) Anna Sorokin (Delvey)

8) Andrew Tate

9) Rishi Sunak

10) Simon Levie


1) Novak Djokovic

2) Rafael Nadal

3) Serena Williams

4) Manti Te’o

5) Shaun White

6) 羽生結弦 (Yuzuru Hanyu)

7) Brittney Griner

8) Gerard Pique

9) Cain Velazquez

10) Carlos Alcaraz


1) Queen Elizabeth

2) Betty White

3) Anne Heche

4) Bob Saget

5) Aaron Carter

6) Olivia Newton-John

7) Ray Liotta

8) Taylor Hawkins

9) 安倍晋三 (Shinzo Abe)

10) Ivana Trump

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What were the most popular searches on Google in 2022?