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There’s an element of awards season that’s all about show and performance. While celebrating the best work of the year is important as a way of honoring the craft, pitting films against each other like a “horse race” isn’t exactly an instructive way to discuss cinema. That being said, the nature of the competition invites more viewers and hopefully brings more casual viewers to watch movies they otherwise wouldn’t have seen. If more people are willing to watch The power of the dog and CODA because they’re billed as awards season rivals, the Oscars are a small price to pay. This courtesy cannot be extended to the Golden Globes.

You definitely don’t have to like the Oscars. If you doubt the legitimacy of an award show that named Accident and green book like the best films in their respective fields, it’s completely understandable. That being said, the Academy has thousands of members who have worked in their careers and proven their worth. These are prizes given to artists by their peers and, therefore, they are more valuable to the winners who receive them. By comparison, the Golden Globes are simply voted on by a murky group of less than 100 reporters. It is an electorate that is easily influenced and has resisted real change within its ranks to the point of ridicule.

However, studios have used the Golden Globes for decades to promote their movies during awards season. It’s considered the first step in the “Oscars cycle,” although there are more legitimate awards shows that don’t get as much attention. There is a respected voting body that decides the Independent Spirit Awards, the Broadcast Critics Choice Awards and the various branches of the Academy. However, the Golden Globes always have a lively show and attract a lot of celebrities. Even though the Golden Globes are planning to have another show this year with Jerrod Carmichael accommodation, they have been irrelevant for a long time.

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The Golden Globes had leadership

So who exactly decides the Golden Globe winners? A small group of journalists see awards season films and shows screened by their distributors and often receive generous freebies from the studios. It is not too difficult to imagine that voters can be swayed into corruption, as they have often been accused. The most recent evidence of this was in 2020, when it was revealed that the critically derided Netflix comedy Criminal Emily had received two nominations after 30 members of the HFPA voting group were given an all-expenses trip to Paris by the studio.

The awards themselves are more spectacle than tradition; categories are limited to Best Picture and Series categories, multiple acting categories, and only a few “technical awards” like Best Director, Best Screenplay (which doesn’t differentiate between original and adapted as the Oscars), the best song and the best score. This ensures that average viewers will at least be able to recognize a face or tune that doesn’t require extensive movie knowledge. Although the Academy has disrespected some of its “technical categories” by not presenting them live in the past, they at least highlight the work of production designers, visual effects artists and others. team members whose jobs are not so easily explained. .

Their nominations themselves have sparked controversy in their own right. In 2010, the critical action film The tourist received three nominations, despite not really being a comedy (at least not intentionally). It was later revealed that Sony paid for an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas for voters, including a concert with dear. There was also the blatant exclusion of nominations for The farewell and to pain in the Best Foreign Language Film category; The farewell is primarily an English film, and to pain is a film about the experiences of Korean immigrants. However, the nomination of these films in the category “Best Foreign Language Film” meant that they could not obtain nominations for the best film.

The Golden Globes have a history of controversy

If their very legitimacy is up in the air, it doesn’t help that Golden Globe voters have been frequently accused of abusing their privileges. Brendan Fraser alleged in a 2018 GQ profile that HFPA President Phil Berk sexually assaulted him and he was subsequently kicked out of the industry. The HFPA’s internal investigation concluded that the assault was a “joke” and did nothing about it; Berk was then forced to resign in 2021 after penning a blatantly racist essay criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement. Fraser has confirmed that he will not be attending this year’s ceremony (where he is nominated for The whale), but Berk isn’t the only HFPA member embroiled in a scandal.

A 2021 report found that the Golden Globes had consistently denied black members the opportunity to join, prompting several studios to boycott the awards. While the HFBA has made a much publicized attempt to reform its structure and leadership, but has only made empty statements about its commitment to change. Several stars, including Tom Cruise (who won three awards for Born July 4, Jerry Maguire, and Magnolia), returned their trophies in protest. The 2021 ceremony tried to clear up the controversy by having co-hosted Amy Poehler address the issue, but it was essentially a public relations maneuver to forestall the outcry.

When it was concluded that their changes weren’t enough, the Golden Globes went ahead as a private ceremony in 2022 with little recognition. It would have been a satisfying, quiet death for an otherwise meaningless awards show, but due to another broadcaster deal, the Golden Globes will return this year. The prospect of Carmichael, an openly gay black comedian known for his progressive views, is certainly a step forward, but a slightly reformed voting process and membership structure does not give the Golden Globes the right to return. This show should never have had any relevance in the first place, and I hope those who love movies will finally make a difference and just not tune in.

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Who’s behind the Golden Globes and why they don’t matter – MMA Fighting