Will Marvel still make history with Black Panther 2 at the Oscars?

After an award given to Angela Bassett at the Golden Globes, Black Panther 2 and Marvel will they still make history at the Oscars like with Black Panther ?

It’s not every day that an acting award is handed out for a superhero movie. The feat ofAngela Bassett during the 80th edition of the Golden Globes is therefore all the more resounding, rewarded for her performance in a supporting role in the sympathetic Black Panther 2.

In 2019, Black Panther was nominated in seven Oscar categories and made history in two ways. First, he left with three statuettes, which are the best music, the best costumes and the best sets. Second, for the first time a superhero film would compete for the Best Picture Oscar. So inevitably, there is nothing surprising to see Marvel hoping repeat the feat at the Oscars to potentially follow in the footsteps of its predecessor.

“On the way to the Oscars!”

Under the impetus of Sam Raimi, Christopher Nolan and the first Iron Man in the 2000s, superheroes experienced a great emergence so that they now mainly populate the cinematographic landscape and the box office. Yet few have found themselves chasing awards and even fewer have titles that have won awards.

At the Oscars, there were a total of 17 nominations with six winners on the Marvel side and 37 nominations for DC, seven of which were transformed. Eleven medals for nine comic book adaptations to know Spider Man 2, The New Heroes, Spider-Man: Next Generation, Batman, Superman, The Dark Knightyou, Suicide Squad, Joker and so Black Panther. Of all the cities, that of Ryan Coogler is the only one to have dominated in three categories. In the event that Angela Bassett wins the trophy for best actress in a supporting role, she will find herself alongside Heath Ledger and Joquin Phoenix (who, however, played anti-heroes) and would be the first actress ofan MCU production to win the award (in addition to being the first to be nominated for an MCU film).

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever : Photo Angela BassettThe thrones, Black Panther 2 it knows, so why not enthroned on the Oscars?

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in any case has every chance of gleaning a few nominations, especially after this victory for Angela Bassett and her nomination for the SAG Awards in the category of best actress in a supporting role (which only increases her chances). If it is the voters who will make the decision, for some, his presence could be a blessing to attract ratings (since the audiences have not been great for some time) and a way to create the event.

After all, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has grossed over $800 million internationally and is one of the mainstream films of 2022, often overlooked/snubbed (your choice) by award ceremonies. His presence could make it possible to renew a link with a more popular fringe of Hollywood cinema. In this line of blockbuster, we can also assume that the presence ofAvatar: The Way of the Water in several categories (especially technical ones since Hollywood does not like, a priori, to reward performances in performance capture) will help inflate the target audience.

One thing is certain, the nomination of the Marvel film in major categories would fill the catalog with titles much less sellers (but more prestigious) of the Oscars like The Fabelmans of Spielberg, The Banshees of Inisherin Where babylon. Leveling down or real opening up to the general public? Everyone will have their own idea. Whether this will have any real impact remains to be seen. The list of nominations will be announced on January 24, 2023 and the awards ceremony will take place on March 12.

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Will Marvel still make history with Black Panther 2 at the Oscars?