Will Smith: Bad Boys 4, Netflix… after his slap at the Oscars, he is banned from Hollywood

His slap inflicted on Chris Rock at the Oscars ceremony on March 26 is beginning to have very serious consequences for Will Smith. The Hollywood star would indeed be on the verge of losing big projects.

An act with terrible consequences. On March 27, at the 94th Academy Awards, Will Smith caused a veritable earthquake by striking a slap in the face to Chris Rock on stage at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. A slippage that occurred after a joke by the comedian on the shaved head of Jada Pinkett-Smith – who actually suffers from alopecia – and which was clearly not to the taste of her husband. A few minutes later, Willi Smith went back on stage to receive the Oscar for best actor. The opportunity for him to try to justify his act, while apologizing to the Academy, with tears in his eyes.

But that hasn’t stopped the 53-year-old actor from finding himself under fire from critics. And a week after his slap, his career could also take a big hit. As reported The Hollywood Reporter, Will Smith should indeed no longer hold the main role of the Netflix film “Fast and Loose” in which he had to play a mafia boss who became amnesiac after being left for dead. A few days before the Oscars, director David Leitch had already decided to throw in the towel so he could focus on Fall Guy, starring Ryan Gosling, which will begin filming this summer. Without a lead actor or director, the film is currently suspendedand could even be abandoned.

Will the Bad Boys be able to find each other again?

Second project in danger, and not the least for Will Smith: bad boys 4. Sony had started the development of the new part of the hit saga, and had sent the first 40 pages of the screenplay to the Hollywood star. But after the slap controversy, the project was finally put on holdas revealed by the American media.

Finally remains the case of the film Emancipation. This drama, in which Will Smith plays a runaway slave who joins the Union Army in 1860s America, is currently in post-production. Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the feature film should be released in 2022 on AppleTV + but no specific release date has yet been communicated.


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Will Smith: Bad Boys 4, Netflix… after his slap at the Oscars, he is banned from Hollywood