Will Smith cheated on by Jada Pinkett Smith: The truth behind the Oscars slap

It all started on June 30, 2020 when rapper August Alsina claimed to have had an adulterous affair with Jada Pinkett Smith. Barely a few days later, on his show Red Table Talkthe wife of Will Smith admitted everything in a shock confrontation with her man on monogamy.Over time, I entered into a different kind of bond with August, she told live. It was a relationship, absolutely. I had very badly, I was really broken. I just wanted to feel good. It had been so long since I felt well…”

Will Smith would be under “some pressure”

If the star couple has since forgiven Will Smith, Will Smith would still feel “some pressure” to forgive this infidelity, as we learn from a source close to the couple in the American media People. “Jada will always be the first person to admit that marriage is hard work, but she will always love Will. Marriage is not for the faint of heart.”

“He used to come to Will Smith’s houses when he went on filming”: details of this adultery for sale to the highest bidder

After his controversial slap on Chris Rock at the Oscars, nothing is going well for Will Smith. After resigning from the Academy and being dismissed from several projects, The Sun reveals that the rapper will soon tell about his affair with Jada Pinkett Smith in a shocking book. “August is about to sign a big ticket with a publishing house to tell the details of his affair with Jada”reveals a source to the famous British tabloid. “He always maintained that Will gave him permission to sleep with Jadasomething they have constantly denied. August will go into detail about his history with Jada telling how he spent his time in the houses of Will Smith when he went on set”.

An affair which would have even had a positive impact on the career of August Alsina. “Several publishing houses offered him large sums of money to tell his story, we learn again in the Sun. August studies the best offer. He knows that his story interests a lot of people and he can’t wait to tell them everything.”

Jada would “not be mad” at Will

In addition to his hilarious reaction to the ceremony and which raises questions or even his furtive reaction on Instagram, the wife of Will Smith has never really spoken about the case of the slap. Until today, at least through one of his relatives who confided in the magazine Us Weekly. According to him, Jada Pinkett Smith would not be “not mad at will smith“, although she wished the actor hadn’t physically attacked Chris Rock.”It was in the heat of the moment and he was the one who overreacted. He knows it, she knows it. They agree that he overreacted“.

Another source assures US Weekly that this media scandal has had no effect on their couple, who still love and adore each other just as much. “They stay together through thick and thin, says this source. They’ve been through a lot together and it’s just another battle for them“.

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Will Smith cheated on by Jada Pinkett Smith: The truth behind the Oscars slap