The price of holidays will explode this summer: here’s how to save money

The price of holidays will explode this summer heres how

There is no miracle. Holidays are not immune to rising prices. Here are some tips for going this summer without blowing your budget. At the start of 2023, all prices continue to rise. And the holidays are not immune to inflation. In January 2023, the price of travel was 11.6% more expensive than in January … Read more

The African Book Festival from February 9 to 12, 2023 in Marrakech

The African Book Festival from February 9 to 12 2023

Steeped in history, African literature dates back to ancient times with the writings of Egypt. If in the past it was characterized mainly by its oral character, today it is rich in numerous written works which spread the continent’s literature to the four corners of the globe. the Marrakech African Book Festival (FLAM) comes to … Read more

NBA Trade Deadline 2023 – what will the Cavaliers do?

NBA Trade Deadline 2023 what will the Cavaliers do

With the NBA Trade Deadline fast approaching, the leaders of the 30 franchises are busy making the necessary transfers before the fateful date of February 9. Of course, the situation of each team is different, and it is specifically for this reason that we wanted to make a special deadline paper by franchise. Presentation of … Read more

GreenGo, the eco-responsible alternative to Airbnb » PACA’s economic and political newsletter

GreenGo the eco responsible alternative to Airbnb PACAs economic

GreenGo, the eco-responsible alternative to Airbnb that wants to shake up the tourism sector. Tourism is changing, market players must reinvent itself to better anticipate current environmental and societal issues. After a period marked by Covid, the French have resumed their taste for travel, with one desire: to go green. To meet these expectations, the … Read more

[Tribune de Bruno Maltor] A night train story, to the heart of Europe

Tribune de Bruno Maltor A night train story to the

In 2022, I tested many night trains. Whether it’s to travel to France, first of all, but also to go a little further on the Old Continent. And yes, the night train is coming back. Slowly but surely. Start-ups like Midnight Trains intend to cover Europe with night trains in the coming months, and that’s … Read more

Machine learning avec Scikit-Learn : la bibliothèque Python incontournable

Machine learning avec Scikit Learn la bibliotheque Python incontournable

Les premiers programmes d’Intelligence Artificielle (IA) tentaient d’inculquer aux ordinateurs la façon de penser des humains. Ils opéraient en mode « que se passe-t-il si ? » et proposaient des actions à accomplir en fonction des situations rencontrées. Pourtant, il a fallu se rendre à l’évidence : cette approche à base de règles prédéfinies selon la logique humaine n’était … Read more

Launch of Apple Business Connect – Yes We Blog!

Launch of Apple Business Connect Yes We Blog

On January 11, 2023, Apple announced the official launch of Apple BusinessConnect. A free tool for businesses. Where they can register and decide how they will appear on Apple-branded apps. As for example on Siri, Apple Maps or Wallet. This system is very reminiscent of the Google Business Profile tool (still often called Google My … Read more

Dans le Carnet de Nice RendezVous 2023 Semaine 2 – Bonne Année 2023 – 2023

Après quelques jours de pause, Nice RendezVousde retour pour vous informer et vous donner envie de sortir et découvrir des expositions, des spectacles, des concerts, des restaurants, des festivals. En 2023, plus que jamais, ous devons soutenir la culture locale, les commerces de proximité et tous les acteurs économiques qui font le tissu de notre … Read more