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The week has been rich on the indie side.

A new RPG was announced by Marvelous during this week’s Japanese Nintendo Direct. This RPG is called LOOP8 and it will arrive on Nintendo Switch in 2022 in Japan. There is no information regarding which languages ​​will be available at this time. The game has a unique system of using characters’ emotions to influence gameplay in something called “Emotional AI”. This makes the relationships the player builds with the characters very important and crucial to the gameplay.

Developer E-Line Media has announced that Never Alone Arctic Collection will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop on February 24. A puzzle platformer previously available on the Wii U eShop, the Switch release will also include the Foxtail expansion. Inspired by Native American culture, the game tells the story of Nuna and Fox as they search for the source of an eternal blizzard. Never Alone 2 has also been announced for a tentative release in 2024, but platforms have not been confirmed at this time.

Travel with Nuna and the fox in search of the source of the eternal blizzard that threatens the survival of all they have ever known. Never Alone is an atmospheric platformer developed in collaboration with the Iñupiat, a people native to Alaska, based on a traditional tale passed down from generation to generation. Guide the two characters in single player mode or cooperate with a friend to cross the freezing tundra, jump on treacherous blocks of ice, swim in underwater caverns and face enemies, strangers and familiars. Appearing on more than 75 “Best Game of 2014” lists and winning “Best First Game” at the 2015 BAFTA Games Awards, nearly 40 community members, storytellers and Alaskan alumni have contributed to making this game.

Wired Productions and Luminawesome Games have officially announced the release date for their 3D platform game Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles. You’ll be able to play the game on Switch on March 24. The game will be released physically and digitally on Nintendo Switch, with the physical version being a limited pre-order through the Wired Productions Store (here). It includes » a double-sided folded poster, a reverse inlay, a unique set of bioluminescent hero stickers, plus a digital download of the Lumote EP, and if that’s not enough, instructions for crocheting your own. Lumote” and is available for $29.99 / €29.99 / £24.99.

Play as Lumote, an adorable bioluminescent creature, in this stunning 3D puzzle platformer. Take control of the world’s inhabitants on a quest to overthrow the Mastermote! Bounce through the Great Abyss, a submerged world filled with Motes, those bioluminescent creatures that inhabit the Bioverse, living to the rhythm of electro soundscapes. Lumote is a Mote like no other, she is curious and has her “eyes” fixed on power. When the weathering turns the Great Abyss red, Lumote embarks on an exhilarating quest to restore the blue color to the world. To do this, Lumote must learn to master the puzzles of the Great Abyss and take control of its inhabitants to defeat the greatest of all Motes…the Mastermote! Navigate the world around you by crashing and bouncing. Lumote is extremely curious and adorable! You’ll jump into the game to solve puzzles, but it’s Lumote and the emotional bond she manages to create through her non-verbal expressions that will make the game addictive! Lumote lives in a huge unique environment filled with various puzzles distributed in towers. Each turn marks your mastery of a specific Mote and unlocks a new set of puzzles to explore, with each set of puzzles you sink deeper into the depths of the Great Abyss. After solving all the puzzles in the first world, players will be put to the test in a master class, and must take control of the Mastermote in another world! In this world filled with adventures and 3D puzzles, the levels are designed to facilitate progression in the game, while increasing the complexity as the Motes you encounter. The entire world and puzzles remain visible throughout the progression. A superb soundtrack accompanies you throughout your electro journey, the Great Abyss communicates the key moments and emotions of Lumote to you through music. With the original rEngine, Lumote’s puzzles are all interconnected, allowing you to easily switch between puzzles as you progress with no load times. On your epic and unique journey through the Great Abyss, you’ll be able to look down to see the remaining puzzles, and up to see your progress through the soundscape!

The Serpent Rogue was announced for Nintendo Switch last September, and publisher Team17 and developer Sengi Games have now announced a release date. The alchemy-based action-adventure title is set to arrive on Switch on April 26, 2022.

The Serpent Rogue is an action-adventure game built around exploring a medieval fantasy world, mastering alchemy, and taming wild creatures. You play as the Guardian, a mysterious alchemist who must use his skills to protect this kingdom from the terrible Corruption. Craft, distill, boil, and concoct to protect these lands from Serpent Rogue! The Serpent Rogue has taken root on Mount Morbus, from where he spreads his terrible Corruption and threatens to take over the kingdom. As Guardian, it is your duty to confront it to restore balance to the natural order of things. Explore every corner of the map, find secret passages, and gain knowledge that will help you fight against this impending doom. The game focuses on crafting and experimenting with multiple potions and tickets. Use alchemy skills to perform transformations or create situations that benefit you. Prepare your potions table and come to the aid of the citizens of this cursed kingdom, accept the quests they entrust to you, and obtain resources to continue your exploits. All of your actions can have interesting consequences. Gather too many creatures in one place and it will attract Bloodthirsty Reapers, as they feed on living things. Forget burying the dead and this place will attract ghouls that will attack anything in their path. Gather too many items in one place and you’ll be dealing with plague vermin. Transform yourself or anyone else into… well, anyone! Craft potions that alter certain aspects of the creatures you encounter on your adventure. Transform your body so that the poison heals you or to use the special abilities of other species. Wreak havoc or create a flawless mechanism from a fowl farm that produces shovels… It’s up to you!

A Highland Song is announced for Nintendo Switch.

Developers Flazm and publisher META Publishing announced today that Time Loader will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop on March 10 for €14.99. Time Loader is a story-driven puzzle platformer that will take you back to the 90s in an attempt to change the future.

Time Loader is a physics-based puzzle and platform game that takes you back to the 90s. You play as a small time-traveling robot, sent on a mission by its inventor, Adam, to alter past events and fix a tragic accident that occurred during his childhood. Explore the relatively massive surroundings of Adam’s House through multiple upgrades, which will help you navigate and interact with familiar objects seen from a whole new perspective! But manipulating time has serious consequences. You can change the past, but can you deal with the repercussions in the present?

Publisher Marvelous Europe and developer Primal Game Studio today announced the release of Mandragora, a side-scrolling role-playing game set in a universe of beautiful brushwork and inevitable tragedy. .

Mandragora is a story-rich, side-scrolling action-RPG set in a pictorial world of tragedy. Go wild on the creatures that lurk beyond the city walls. Light your cursed lantern, traverse the dark world of Entropy, and tear reality apart. Humanity has given way to monsters. The survivors hide behind brick walls and palisades of ignorance, built by their leaders. Joy and pleasure are coveted gems beyond the reach of the masses. This is not the world you were promised. Venture into this world of night and take it back. Journey to a world in decline, which is slowly falling prey to the damaging effects of Entropy. Fight cruel enemies, challenge unique and deadly bosses, meet new allies, new enemies and all kinds of individuals, and make tough choices. There are many paths worth taking. Choose yours.

BadLand Publishing and developer Tenebris Studio have announced Your Computer Might Be At Risk, a first-person narrative puzzle game. It will be released this summer on Nintendo Switch.

After Red Colony and Red Colony 2, Shinyuden is doing it again with the upcoming release of the game Red Colony 3 on the Nintendo Switch, which will be released on February 17 (the game is already available for pre-order at a price of €6.29 instead of €6.99.

After a mad scientist experiments with different DNA, a deadly virus has turned his assistants into bloodthirsty zombies. Maria, a scientist trapped in turmoil, desperately tries to find her daughter before it’s too late. The secrets she discovers while fleeing the colony constitute an enemy even stronger than the virus… despair.

One Gun Guy will be released on Nintendo Switch on February 25 for €4.99.

One Gun Guy is an action platformer consisting of a single massive level, within which are hidden upgrades, dangers, enemies and a boss. After finishing the game on its base difficulty, try Hard Mode without clothes!

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10 new games announced for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo-Town.fr