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On television this evening on France 2 and in streaming: 1917 (2019) by Sam Mendes with George MacKayWilliam Schofield, Colin Firth, Andrew Scott, Mark Strong, Claire Duburcq, Benedict Cumberbatch and Richard Madden to distribution. Info and opinion from Bulles de Culture on this multi-award-winning war film, broadcast on Sunday 13 November.

1917 to see on television and streaming: reviews and information

Summary :

Caught in the turmoil of the First World War, Schofield and Blake, two young British soldiers, are assigned a mission that is, strictly speaking, impossible. Carrying a message that could prevent a devastating attack and the death of hundreds of soldiers, including Blake’s brother, they embark on a real race against time, behind enemy lines…

Excerpt from the review of Culture Bubbles on feature film 1917 written when it was released in cinemas:

If we had to point out a defect in this technological and artistic prowess all the same (…), it would perhaps be that the contemplation of this high-flying achievement can take precedence over identification, create a distance with the characters and thus not allowing us to experience this crossing with them.

Shooting secrets, anecdotes: did you know?

  • This is the 8th feature film by Sam Mendes.
  • Is the film inspired by a true story ?
    Yes, it’s inspired First World War stories of the director’s grandfather.
  • What is the technical prowess this long?
    This story unfolds in real time and gives the impression of having been shot in a single sequence shot.
  • the filming took place in Britain.
  • The original music was composed by Thomas Newman.
  • The film received numerous awards including:
    2 Golden Globes (Best Drama, Best Director for Sam Mendes)
    3 Oscars (Best Cinematography for Roger DeakinsBest Sound Mix for Mark Taylor and Stuart WilsonBest Visual Effects for Guillaume Rocheron, Greg Butler and Dominic Tuohy),
    6 BAFTA Awards (Best Film, Best British Film, Best Director for Sam Mendes, Best Set Design for Dennis Gassner and Lee SandalsBest Cinematography for Roger Deakins, Best Visual Effects Guillaume Rocheron, Greg Butler and Dominic Tuohy, Best Sound for Scott Millan, Oliver Tarney, Rachael TateMark Taylor and Stuart Wilson),
    1 David di Donatello for the Best Foreign Language Film in 2020.
  • What is the next project by Sam Mendes?
    The feature film Empire of Light with Olivia ColmanMichael Ward, Toby Jones and Colin Firth. Cinema release scheduled for Wednesday March 1, 2023 in France.

Learn more:

  • 1917 is broadcast on France 2 and streaming on France.tv Sunday, November 13, 2022 at 9:10 p.m.
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“1917” tonight on France 2: the multi-award winning film by Sam Mendes – Bulles de Culture