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There are only a few days left before the arrival ofOlliOlli Worldthe game coming out on February 8 next globally on nintendo Switch, playstation4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and computer via Steam. Roll7 and Private Division therefore decided to use an animation studio, 2 veinto produce a trailer entirely in the form of a cinematic, thus giving the opportunity to discover the world of the game and its history.

Set in a world known as Radlandia, OlliOlli World follows a group of colorful characters who chain flips, tricks and grinds in search of the mysterious deities of skateboarding. In this all-new trailer, Radlandia comes to life through gorgeous, colorful animations. This presentation showcases the incredible skate tracks, colorful characters, and mind-blowing world of the game. »

Pre-orders are available (download only), there is a standard version costing €29.99 and an Rad Edition at the price of €44.99. Both versions will provide access to pre-order bonuses: the head of the lord of the rabbits, the hero t-shirt, the hero deck, the hero tattoos and the hero wrist. The Rad Edition will include the base game, the two expansions planned respectively for summer and autumn with new stories and the “Encounter of the 3rd kind deck board”. The following languages ​​will be included at launch: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Korean.

The first extension of OlliOlli World, named ” Void Skaters » will be available during summer 2022 and will add a new story with a brand new biome and new levels, characters, gameplay elements and customization items. The second expansion will be released during the fall and will provide access to the same type of content as the first extension.

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The adventure of OlliOlli World takes place in the world of Radland, where we will find very colorful places and characters. Our character, who can also be personalized in different ways (appearance, tricks, style, etc.), will aim to find the gods of skateboarding who will allow him to guide him towards the Gnarvana. We are also promised millimeter controls with precise playability, in the same way as the first OlliOlli. There will be a combo system described as rich, with the ability to perform many tricks and play through millions of levels in sandbox mode. The title will also be playable online against other players in leagues.

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With new announcements made this week, John Ribbinsthe game’s art director at Roll7, said: In OlliOlli Worldthere are loads of completely wacky places to explore and amazing characters to meet. OlliOlli World is a love letter to the unusual and spectacular aspects of skate culture. It honors the quirky and wonderful aspects of this urban phenomenon and encourages you to express yourself freely. » Mika Kurosawathe chief producer, also said: Roll7 has an unparalleled mastery of flow state based gameplay. With its perfectly optimized controls and the precision gaming experience ofOlliOlli Worldthe studio is raising the bar even higher with this lush skate utopia. »

1640355702 264 OlliOlli World will be available on February 8 2022 on

Last month, Roll7 and Private Division had released a selection of some tracks from the soundtrack, which includes tracks from several artists like Fardust, Adam Swim and Midflite. This selection is available on Spotifyand you should know that the complete OST will include 32 tracks.

This action, platformer and skateboarding game, developed by the Roll7 studio which won a BAFTA and several other awards, takes a bold new direction to OlliOlli, a critically acclaimed franchise. The classic gameplay ofOlliOlli World, based on the state of flow, achieves the perfect balance between concentration and relaxation, with precise controls to enjoy an optimal experience. Players chain flips and roll in Radlandiaa vibrant and dynamic world full of colorful characters, in search of the mysterious deities of skateboarding who will guide them in the quest for the Gnarvana. Radlandia and its inhabitants are adorably weird and aesthetically stunning.

OlliOlli World offers many and varied customization options, allowing players to slip into the skin of their favorite avatar by adjusting their morphology, skin color or hair. Players can also show off their unique style with a wide selection of poses, tricks, and clothing.

OlliOlli World includes two asynchronous multiplayer modes: the Gnarvana League and the Gnarvana Portal. The Gnarvana league is made for those who like to take on challenges and want to prove their mastery of skateboarding. Leagues pit players of the same skill level against each other to see who will get the highest score. As you rank up, participants will get their hands (and feet) on new character customization items, including skateboards, wheels, and more. In the Gnarvana Portal, players can create original levels based on parameters such as style, difficulty, and length. Each creation has a unique 8-digit virtual code to share with the world, allowing players to compete regardless of their gaming platform.

•Welcome to Radlandia! Explore this lush skate paradise populated by eccentric characters and visit the most unusual places. Grind in Inflatable Alley or race through Los Vulgas in search of new passages, side quests, awesome rewards and memorable trick opportunities, all on a curated compilation of IDM and Electronica tracks selected.

•Play at your level: razor-sharp controls and advanced gameplay ensure smooth progression. Are you just starting out? No problem, OlliOlli World welcomes you with open arms, and allows new players to hit the streets and achieve crazy method grabs without fear of kissing the asphalt. Do you think you are up to it? Achieve full mastery through millions of levels in sandbox mode or compete against rivals from around the world in Leagues mode through an extensive combo system of over 100 moves to master and combine to hopefully claim first place.

•Freedom of Expression: Ride the riding paradise of Radlandia and prove yourself to unlock special rewards that allow you to customize your character’s outfits, tricks and style. Want to skate in flip flops? No problem. Are you comfortable in bee pajamas? Ok…we’re not judging. In OlliOlli World, as long as you’re on a board, anything goes! »

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A cinematic trailer by studio 2veinte for OlliOlli World – Nintendo-Difference