Actor William Hurt (General Ross of the MCU) passed away at the age of 71 |

Sad news to end the week. The comedian William McChord Hurt leaves us at the dawn of his seventy-second birthday, this Sunday March 13, 2022. The son of the actor publishes a press release on social networks to announce the departure of this star of American cinema, winner of an Oscar from interpretation for his role in The Kiss of the Spider-Woman (1985). According to his family, it was a death of natural causes. During his last years, hurt however, suffered from prostate cancer, long kept secret.

General’s farewell

Born on March 20, 1950 in the city of Washington DC, William Hurt takes an early interest in the dramatic arts, becoming the vice-president of his drama club in high school. Later, after having started studying theology, the young man branched off to the Juilliard conservatory where he developed his vocation as an actor alongside Christopher Reeve and Robin Williams. His first steps lead him to the boards before making his film debut, notably in the horror film Altered States (1980) by Ken Russell.

Elevated to stardom for his performance in neo-noir Body Heat (1981) by Lawrence Kasdan, hurt connects critical successes and selections in various interpretation award ceremonies. Among these are the Cannes film festivalwhich awarded him the Palme for Best Male Actor and the Academy of Oscars which awarded him the Best Actor Award for his role in Kiss of the Spider-Woman (1985) fromHector Babencoa performance that will also earn him a BAFTA and a selection of Golden Globes. Other great roles follow: that of the teacher James Leeds in the Children of a Lesser God (1986) by Raida Hainesfrom the presenter Tom Grunick in the Broadcast News (1987) by James L. Brooksand some other collaborations with the filmmaker Lawrence Kasdan in The Accidental Tourist (1988) and I Love You to Death (1989).

Later, hurt will be interested in a more popular sci-fi cinema, with roles in the films Lost in Space and DarkCity (1998) and in the AI Artificial Intelligence of Steven Spielberg (2001). Genre cinema will have the opportunity to find it, especially in the film The Village (2004) by M.Night Shyamalanor the most classic A History of Violence (2005) by David Cronenbergadaptation of the eponymous comic strip by John Wagner and Vincent Locke.

In 2008, William Hurt sign with marvel studios for the role of General Thaddeus Ross in the movie The Incredible Hulk (2008) by Louis LeTerrierand agrees to return for other appearances of this high-ranking officer of the United States army, in particular in Captain America: Civil War (2016), Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Avengers: Endgame (2019), until the movie Black Widow (2021) by Cate Shortlandthe actor’s final performance in a brand product Marvel. Regular opponent of Hulk in the comics (became the red hulk in 2008 on the occasion of the second volume of the adventures of the giant), the man was one of the regular faces of the universe mcuusually representing martial authority and the military-industrial complex in this fictional world. William Hurt was the father of four children.

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Actor William Hurt (General Ross of the MCU) passed away at the age of 71 |