BAFTA 2020: the beautiful fall of Al Pacino on the red carpet, the star prefers to laugh

Despite himself, Al Pacino stood out on the red carpet of the British Academy Film Awards ceremony which was held on Sunday February 2 in London…

Sunday February 2, 2020, the 73rd edition of the BAFTAs was celebrated at the Royal Albert Hall, in the English capital. For the occasion, the stars were all dressed up to walk the red carpet… Only some got more noticed than others! This is the case of Al Pacino who unfortunately made falling down the stairs… All under the eye of the cameras, of course! Fortunately, the 79-year-old actor picked himself up quickly, especially with the help of his girlfriend Meital Dohan, and then he preferred to laugh about it! Indeed, if his companion looked completely shockedAl Pacino shrugged his shoulders in front of the cameras then raised his arms in the sky… Just to show everyone that this fall hadn’t hurt him at all!

Al Pacino then lent himself to the game by taking a moment to pose for the photographers. The actor of Godfather wore a satiny black suit, a longer midnight blue jacket over it and a pair of round sunglasses super stylish! For her part, Metal Dohan was dressed in a sublime long printed dress, a pair of leather thigh-high boots and a very elegant bun!

Al Pacino leaves empty-handed

Al Pacino was nominated for his role in the film The Irishman… But it’s the actor Brad Pitt who stole the show by winning Best Supporting Actor For the movie Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood ! Besides, Angelina Jolie’s ex was not present but had prepared a rather daring speech! And for good reason, the man started his speech making a joke about Brexit: “Hi Great Britain, heard you’re single? Welcome to the club. Hope you don’t have a problem with the divorce papers.But Brad Pitt didn’t stop there, he concluded by referring to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex: I’m going to call this award ‘Harry’, because I’m so happy to bring him back to the United States with me.“… Almost enough to make the jury regret not having chosen Al Pacino!


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BAFTA 2020: the beautiful fall of Al Pacino on the red carpet, the star prefers to laugh