BAFTA 2020: when Prince William is jealous of a compliment on Kate Middleton’s style (VIDEO)

Kate Middleton and Prince William were on their 31s during the BAFTA Awards ceremony on Sunday February 2. The Duchess received nice compliments and, as we will have understood, the Duke also deserved some …

On Sunday February 2, the BAFTA Awards ceremony took place in London, at the Royal Albert Hall, in the presence of an audience of stars. Among them, two crowned heads, Prince William and Kate Middleton, who attended the awards ceremony for the fourth time in a row. The couple had made the effort to dress well, the parents of George, Charlotte and Louis were indeed classier than ever: a black suit, white shirt with bow tie for him, a sublime white dress with golden polka dots for her.

The Duchess looked particularly resplendent, in this Alexander McQueen signature outfit that she once wore in 2012 to a dinner party during a visit to Malaysia – in accordance with the request of the organizers of the awards ceremony to choose a fashion. “sustainable”, with the objective of a ceremony with a neutral carbon footprint. Eight years and three children later, it is clear that the future queen consort has lost nothing of her skinny figure.

“You too, Will!”

The grace and elegance of Kate Middleton so captivated one of her fans that he addressed a compliment, seeing her arrive at the arm of Prince William on the red carpet of the event. In the video he filmed, we hear him reward her with: “Kate, you are sublime! “ The Duchess smiled, thanking him for the compliment. After a little moment of silence, the fan in question felt the need to congratulate Prince William in turn for his outfit. “You too, Will! “, he told him. The Duke of Cambridge, who obviously wasn’t expecting that kind little note, laughed and thanked the watcher as well.

It must be said that Kate Middleton has been more inspired over the years by her looks than her husband. While the latter tirelessly shows off his black and white suit and bow tie, the Duchess strives to amaze us at each new ceremony. Last year she was also in Alexander McQueen, she had opted for an asymmetrical white princess dress. In 2018, pregnant with Prince Louis, she appeared in a beautiful dark green empire dress. In 2017, she was still in Alexander McQueen, a long black floral dress with a bardot collar.

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BAFTA 2020: when Prince William is jealous of a compliment on Kate Middleton’s style (VIDEO)