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With the start of the awards season, the focus is on the Oscars, better known as the Oscars. However, the UK’s BAFTA awards are also imminent and are being hailed as equally prestigious, with producers hoping their films will win several nods.

Hosted for the first time by Rebel Wilson, this year’s awards are set for March 13 and will also be streamed on GameSpot in the UK and around the world. As moviegoers wait to see which movies will come out on top, these are the standouts of 2022, receiving the most nominations.

ten Don’t look up (4)

Netflix has been making inroads into awards season for several years now and 2022 might be the streamer’s most successful. Although The power of the dog should be at the forefront of their hits, it would be wise not to ignore the hit comedy Don’t look up.

With a heavyweight cast including previous Oscar winners Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence in the lead roles, Adam McKay’s disaster comedy about a meteorite hurtling towards Earth and the planet’s attitude towards it has been one of the most controversial films of 2021. Despite a number of unpopular opinions on Don’t look up on Reddit and social media platforms claiming the jokes and performances didn’t land – awards juries disagreed and DiCaprio is likely a favorite to win the Best Actor BAFTA he’s nominated for .

9 Boiling point (4)

While Boiling point may be one of the most low-key films nominated for a BAFTA in 2022, it is perhaps one of the most impressive, having been filmed entirely in one full shot.

Director Phillip Barantini elegantly follows the heat and pressure of a professional kitchen, as well as the highs and lows of head chef Andy Jones – played by Best Actor nominee Stephen Graham. A unique entry for the 2022 BAFTAs as the only film completed in one take – its nomination for Best British Film is extremely worthy and could be a shock winner.

8 Cyrano (4)

Bringing Erica Schmidt’s 2018 play to the big screen, British director Joe Wright – working from Schmidt’s script – is adapting the much-told love triangle for a new audience.

Featuring game of thrones’ Peter Dinklage as the legendary Cyrano De Bergerac – reprising his role from the musical alongside co-star Haley Bennett, the latest adaptation unfortunately failed to secure any nominations for any of its actors. Despite a number of technical award nominations, the crew hopes Cyrano could win the award for best British film.

7 After love (4)

Aleem Khan’s directorial debut was an instant hit with critics and audiences alike when it was released in the summer of 2021 in the UK. Scoring 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, the British/French-made film became one of the most talked about of 2021 and was nominated for the BAFTA for Best British Film.

Best Actress nominee Joanna Scanlan, who plays the widow at the center of the film, has been tipped to win a category that also includes Tessa Thompson, Lady Gaga and first-time nominee Alana Haim, although many will watch the Outstanding Debut Album category. and the Best Director category, where Khan takes on Jane Campion.

6 Licorice Pizza (5)

Paul Thomas Anderson’s multi-BAFTA nominated coming-of-age drama wowed critics at the end of 2021. It features an all-star cast including Oscar winner Bradley Cooper, star rising Cooper Hoffman and first actress, pop star Alana Haim.

Despite being a serial BAFTA nominee, Anderson has yet to land the Best Director award, but with the buzz for this film entering awards season and also the lack of Dunes‘s Denis Villeneuve, this could be a great chance to correct that record. Even more impressively, Alan Haim’s debut was rewarded with a Best Actress nomination, and with arguably one of the best pop star performances in a movie, a win here would be truly newsworthy.

5 No time to die (5)

Daniel Craig’s last James Bond film was always going to be remarkable. It is the 25th film in the series, Daniel Craig’s last film as Bond, and the one that has been delayed for a long time due to the pandemic. Seemingly beleaguered by issues from the start, from Danny Boyle’s departure to Daniel Craig’s on-set injury, it appeared that no time to die was cursed.

Concluding the story arc started in 2006 Casino Royale, no time to die wrapped up the SPECTRE-infused storyline in explosive fashion and provided an ending that fans didn’t see coming. Hailed by many as one of the best James Bond films of the modern era, no time to die also introduced Lashana Lynch as new 00 Agent Ana De Armas and saw Cristoph Waltz resume his stellar turn as Blofeld. The film might be the most successful Bond film in terms of awards, with nominations for Cinematography and Best British Film marking the successful end of the Craig-Bond era.

4 West Side History (5)

Steven Spielberg has starred in a film many weren’t expecting, a big-budget take on the Broadway classic, West Side Story. Bringing together a cast of movie and stage superstars, Spielberg brought the late ’50s hit back to life and was hailed as one of the real cinematic surprises of 2021.

Musicals and Broadway shows shown on the big screen can be controversial. Much like an adaptation of a beloved novel, they sometimes fail to live up to expectations. With West Side Story, Spielberg wowed critics and converted doubtful fans of the source material as the film debuted to rave reviews. The ensemble cast of Ansel Elgort and Rachel Zeigler impressed the BAFTA panel enough to award them a Best Cast nod, but individual success can be seen for Mike Faist and Ariana Debose – nominated for Best Actor respectively. and actress in a supporting role.

3 Belfort (6)

Having the ability to tell a deeply personal story is something every filmmaker dreams of, and with BelfastSir Kenneth Brannagh had the chance to document his life growing up in a working-class family in late 1960s Northern Ireland with his heavily nominated semi-autobiographical tale.

The late 1960s was a difficult time in Northern Ireland’s history as it was the time of the infamous ‘Troubles’, and Sir Brannagh captures the tension of the time in this star-studded film that he also realized. Alongside Jamie Dornan and Ciaran Hinds, Belfast stars former BAFTA winner Dame Judi Dench, who rounds out the heavyweight cast. Sir Brannagh knew Belfast would evoke strong emotions from viewers and he said Belfast Live: “I hope it’s humorous and I hope it’s moving. It’s a look at a people and a place in turmoil through the eyes of a nine-year-old movie-mad kid.”

2 The power of the dog (8)

In the rapidly changing world of movie consumption, blockbuster releases produced and released on streaming platforms for home viewing (whether alongside or before theatrical release) are finally starting to earn award nominations, and The power of the dog could be the biggest streaming winner of 2022. Adapted from Thomas Savage’s powerful novel The Netflix Western starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons, and featuring a Kodi Smit-McPhee breakout performance, has been hailed for his resolution of LGBTQ+ issues and family drama.

Nominations have arrived for Best Director for Jane Campion, as well as Best Picture. There was also a nod to best actor for Benedict Cumberbatch, who said: “The journey to play Phil Burbank has taken me away from everything that is familiar to me and this recognition of this work feels like come full circle and go home,” as outlined in The Belfast Telegraph.

1 Dunes (11)

One of the most anticipated films of 2021, Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s science fiction book, Dunes, had a lot to do. With a dedicated fanbase, expectations were high for Villeneuve’s take on the Spice Wars after David Lynch’s 1980s film. Featuring a star cast of Timothee Chalomet, Zendaya, Dave Bautista and Oscar Issac, the cinematic epic received critical acclaim upon its arrival, Dunes was also a box office hit, grossing around $400 million to date.

Picking up 10 Oscar nominations this year, Dunes did better at the BAFTAs with 11, including Best Picture, Actor and Actress – although much like the Oscars, Villeneuve also missed out on a Best Director nomination at the BAFTAs.

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BAFTA 2022: The 10 Films With The Most Nominations – CNET – ApparelGeek