Black Friday PS5: the DualSense controller under 50€!

News good deal Black Friday PS5: the DualSense controller under 50€!

If you are the proud owner of a PS5, do not miss the unique opportunity to get the DualSense controller, absolutely essential. Currently for Black Friday, the Midnight Black version is available with a big discount on Cdiscount, dropping to only €49.99!

Black Friday 2022: the PS5 DualSense Midnight Black controller goes to € 49.99!

Already launched for two years, the PlayStation 5 has experienced many stock shortages. If you’ve been lucky enough to pick one up, you’ll definitely enjoy expanding your gaming experience by picking up the DualSense controller. That’s good, since the Midnight Black version goes to €49.99 at Cdiscount for Black Friday!

Having a DualSense controller has become essential for the PS5. If you don’t really like the classic white model, you can get your hands on the very stylish Midnight Black version.

This PS5 controller has unique qualities! She was even elected, rightly, best controller in history at the BAFTA Awards! So it’s a big reveal for the Next Gen of consoles. With the DualSense, you will enjoy an exceptional experience in front of the screen.

Buy the PS5 DualSense Midnight Black at €49.99 at Cdiscount

PS5 DualSense: the price of the Midnight Black controller plummets on Cdiscount!

The price of the DualSense Midnight Black controller for the PS5 plummets to €49.99, a very attractive price since it rarely drops below €70. It offers optimal immersion in games with its adaptive triggers, capable of transmitting game sensations.

You will be able to feel the pressure, the resistance exerted by a lever, the tension of a rope or the hardness of a car brake. In short, the player will feel every action he performs. Moreover, the shape of the controller makes it even more ergonomic.

You’ll be propelled to new gaming horizons with this finely crafted controller from Sony. Its haptic vibrations reproduce real sensations and its adaptive triggers follow the action of the game. You will even feel the raindrops and the blows of a sword!

The DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 will put you right in the middle of the action. Right now, get the Midnight Black version for just €49.99 for Black Friday at Cdiscount. An offer not to be missed!

Buy the PS5 DualSense Midnight Black at €49.99 at Cdiscount

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Black Friday PS5: the DualSense controller under 50€!