Black Panther 2: this character is queer, and this is very important according to his interpreter

The next film of Marvel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever looks interesting both for the mcu but also for the implications of its actors. There is no doubt that the film risks -apart from its narrative-to be the most political of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is particularly the case for the actress Michaela Coelwhose character is very important to her.

Black Panther 2 : Wakanda and love forever

The next Marvel movie is slowly unfolding. We were treated to a brand new trailer featuring the important protagonists of the sequel Black Pantherincluding Namor and Ironheart. We will obviously find those of the first volume there, with the exception of Chadwick Boseman, for obvious reasons. His death and his succession will also be central issues in the film. Other secondary characters will also appear in the film, such as that of Michaela Coel, Aneka, who according to the interpreter will have to lead another fight, that of her sexual identity..

In an interview for the magazine voguethe one who wrote and starred in the series I May Destroy You has long discussed the importance of his character being openly queer (English term designating all sexual and gender minorities). She explains how Aneka’s queer identity will be important in the film, and the potential impact this could have in the political sphere:

The sexual orientation of Aneka’s character is what attracted me the most to her for the role. The fact that my character is gay, I thought: “I like that, I want to show it in Ghana”. People think, “Oh, it’s okay, it’s just politics.” But no, it’s more important than politics. It affects the way people live their daily lives. This is why it seemed important to me to intervene and play this role. I know that just by being Ghanaian, Ghanaians will follow and recognize themselves.

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Black Panther 2 : The representation of minorities at the heart of the film

Currently in Ghana, there is a law dating from colonial times prohibiting same-sex relations. Even if in fact, it is not applied and no conviction has taken place in its name. This does not prevent the country’s leaders and some of the ultra-conservative representatives from being fiercely opposed to LGBT+ rights. A bill is considered by parliament. It aims to “promote appropriate sexual rights and Ghanaian family values“, widely supported by local religious organizations, is condemned by part of the international community. If accepted, it will authorize legal proceedings against those who defend LGBT + rights, the obligation to denounce “suspects” and will invite the promotion of conversion therapies or even to make prison sentences heavier to condemn the ‘homosexuality.

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The representation of queer people is therefore very important to free speech, but also to defend these people who fear for their lives if this law is accepted. The movie director Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverRyan Coogler also agrees with Michaela’s comments. He explains precisely that the actress and the character are very similar: “Aneka is kind of a rebel in her personality. It’s a big echo of Michaela and what she’s doing to move the industry forward, carving out her own space.Michaela is an English actress, writer and producer. She is particularly known for having written, directed, produced and embodied the main character of the series Chewing gumand she received a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress for her role in I May Destroy You. A mini-series exploring the question of sexual consent and rape, multi-awarded at the Bafta 2021 but shunned at the Golden Globes.

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Black Panther 2: this character is queer, and this is very important according to his interpreter