Cinema-Festival Marrakech: An edition very noted for the quality of the Jury

The Marrakech International Film Festival has appointed the members of the jury for the nineteenth edition, which will take place from November 11 to 19, 2022. Eight members of nationalities and from four different continents will support the President of the Jury, Paolo Sorrentinéo.

The Jury will award the gold star to one of the 14 feature films in the running, this edition’s competition will be dedicated to discovering filmmakers from all over the world.

Director Paolo Sorrentino will be accompanied in his delicate mission by Danish director Susan Beer, Guatemalan producer Oscar Isaac, British actress Vanesackerbie, German actress Diane Kruger, Australian director Justin Kurzel, Lebanese director and actress Nadine Labaki, Moroccan director Leila Marrakchi and French actor Taher Rahim.

The composition of the jury members from 10 different countries reflects the specificity of the Marrakech International Film Festival as an event celebrating world cinema. The jury will announce its decision during the closing ceremony, scheduled for November 19, 2022.

Here is a summary on the profile of the Jury:

Jury president Paolo Sorrentino: Born in Naples in 1970. His first feature film, The Extra Man, selected for the Venice Film Festival 2001. He announced the start of his collaboration with Tony Cervello, with whom he shot several films. His six favorite films were selected in official competition at Cannes: Consequences of Love (2004), Family Friend (2006), Il Divo (2008), for which he won the Jury Prize, This Must Be the Place ( 2011), which he filmed in the United States of America, with Sean Bean and Frances McDormand, among others… In 2019, Sorrentino directed the television series The New Pope, with Jude Law and John Malkovich. In 2021, the film “Haid Allah” screened at the Venice International Film Festival, where it won the Grand Jury Prize, as well as an Oscar nomination and another Golden Globe Award nomination.

In order to accompany the president of the jury, a detailed list of actors and directors of different nationalities will be present. First: Danish director and screenwriter Susan Bier: multi-award winning, she places her work in an international context and directs it to her wide audience. She also seals it with intimacy, exploring the strong emotions and complexity of family relationships. It is also this unique combination that makes her one of the greatest Danish directors and one of the eminent names in world cinema. His film After The Wedding (2006) was nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. A few years later, she won this award with Revenge (2010), as well as the Italian Golden Globe Award for Best European Film and Best Director at the European Film Awards among others. In 2020, she directs Undo, HBO’s first series that continues to grow in fans week after week.

Also a member of the jury, the Moroccan director: Leila Marrakech was born and raised in Casablanca, before settling in Paris to study at the School of Audiovisual Production. His first feature, Morocco (2005) was presented at the Cannes Film Festival in the “A Look” section. The film, which met with enormous success with critics and the general public, becoming a classic of Moroccan cinema, tells of the accomplice love between Muslim and Jewish teenagers. His second film, Rock the Casbah (2013), brought together a group of great actors such as Hiam Abbas, Nadine Labaki, Lubna Azbal, Marjana Alawi and Omar Sharif. Leila Marrakchi has directed five episodes of the spy series The Legends Bureau, and two episodes of the series Eddie Club, produced for Netflix. Leila Marrakchi is currently working on her next feature film The Sweetest, which deals with the plight of Moroccan female workers on strawberry farms in Spain. She is also developing the Casa Girls series, which chronicles the emotional trials of four young women in the city of Casablanca today;

On the bill of the juries we also find Justin Kurzel an Australian director born in 1974. He directed his first short film Blue Tongue (2004), before signing his first feature film, The Snowtown Crimes (2011), for which he received the best director award from the Australian Academy of Film and Television Arts, and the Australian Film Critics Circle Award in the same category, in addition to the Jury Prize at the Marrakech International Film Festival. His second film, Macbeth (2015), based on Shakespeare’s play, entered official competition at Cannes. Subsequently, he directed Killer’s Creed (2016), adapted from the world-famous video game Gang Kelly (2019), which offers a new perspective on notorious Australian criminal Ned Kelly. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Justin Kurzelnettram’s latest film had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Caleblandre Jones, who starred in it, won Best Actor.

Also a member of the jury, actor Taher Rahim: He began his artistic career in 2009 when Jacques Audiard offered him the lead role in his film Prophet, which won the Cannes Grand Prix and nine Césars, including the César for Best Newcomer male and the César for best actor, for his exceptional performance. , highly acclaimed by critics. Her international career began with the film Eagle of the Ninth Legion (2011) by Kevin MacDonald, then Love and Bruises (2011) directed by Lu Yi, and Black Gold (2011) by John Jacques Ano Central, directed by Rebecca Zlotowski. These successes earned him lead roles in Pieces (2014) by Fatih Akin, The Anarchists (2015) by Elie Wagman, Living Reform (2016) by Cattell Quilvery and The Secret of the Darkroom (2016) by Kiyoshikurosawa. Taher Rahim also starred in the recently released Netflix series The Serpent and Kevin McDonald’s The Guilt (2021), alongside Jodie Foster and Benedict Cumberbatch, Meryl Streep, and Kit Harington and Sienna Miller also starred in the series of inductions that will hit screens soon, as seen in Marvel’s next no less important role, Ms. Webb.

Among the actresses we find the German Diane Kruger

Of German origin, she is considered to be one of the greatest actresses in world cinema. She burst onto the international scene thanks to her famous melancholy portrait of Dorlehelene (2004) by Wolfgang Petersen. This was followed by several other notable roles in films such as Park Wicker (2004) by Paul McGuigan, Happy Birthday (2005) by Christian Carrion, Beethoven’s Transcription (2006) by Anjaseka Holland, Goodbye Bafana (2007) by Billy Auguste and For Her (2008) by Fred Cavay. She rose to prominence through her role in Fatih Akinvi’s Withering (2017), for which she won the Best Actress award at Cannes at the film’s world premiere. Her brilliant appearance in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds (2009) is one of her greatest roles, for which she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. In 2012, she starred in the film Goodbye My Queen directed by Benoit Jaco, which received critical acclaim at its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. In October 2022, Diane Kruger released her first children’s book titled A Name From Heaven.

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Cinema-Festival Marrakech: An edition very noted for the quality of the Jury