CODA, the Oscar-winning American remake of La Famille Bélier, broadcast in cinemas in France for 48 hours

By Cécile D., Laura B. Published on April 19, 2022 at 10:40 am

“CODA”, the American remake of “La Famille Bélier”, multi-awarded at the Oscars 2022 and the BAFTAs 2022, is released in cinemas in France, the weekend of April 23 and 24, 2022, only. Also awarded at Sundance, the film was released last August on the French catalog of Apple TV+.

If it is often american cinema which inspires the 7th French Art, it must be recognized that the reverse is also true. Like in particular the feature film An angry man by Guy Ritchie, released last June, a remake of the “Conveyor” with Albert Dupontel. Other remake of one film tricolor, CODAreleased on August 13, 2021 on the Apple TV+ platform. it’s about the american version of The Aries Family, with Louanne.

A highly appreciated remake outside of France, since this year 2022, CODA shone at BAFTAs and to Oscars. Indeed, left empty-handed from the Golden Globes, the film grabbed 2 Baftas then 3 Oscars. In England, CODA moved back BAFTA of best adapted scenario and the actor Troy Kotsur that of Best Supporting Actor. To the United States, CODA won theOscar of best filmthat of best adapted scenario and Troy Kotsurthat of Best Supporting Actor.

Released at the end of 2014, the film by Éric Lartigau, The Aries Familyhad accumulated more than 7.4 million spectators in theaters and earned its main performer, Louane, the César for best female hope.

the film CODA (for Child of Deaf Adults), American adaptation of The Aries Familyis signed by the director Sian Heder to whom we owe episodes of the series Orange is the new black, glowWhere LittleAmerica. Unlike Éric Lartigau, for the roles of deaf parents, she chose to call on deaf actors and dumb, Troy Kotsur and the already Oscar winner for children of silence Marlee Matlin. They embody the parents of Ruby, played by Emilia Jones. A young actress who we saw in Pascal Laugier’s film, Ghostland, and in the Netflix series Locke & Key.

If in The Aries Family Louane lives on a farm, the US version of his character lives in a fishing town. And, unlike Louane who sings Michel Sardou, Emilia Jones sing of the drunk.

Presented at Sundance Film Festival in 2022, CODA had picked up the audience award and the Grand Jury Prizelong before being honored at the Oscars and to BAFTAs.

Does this critically acclaimed film intrigue you? You have a chance to experience it on the big screen: the weekend of April 23 and 24, 2022, CODA is broadcast exceptionally in 120 cinemas of France, whose establishments Pathé Gaumont, CGR, Kinepolis or even Grand Ecran, as well as a few independent cinemas.

The National Cinema Center informs our colleagues of the Parisian that he “ there will be one to four screenings per cinema. It is symbolic. But it allows us to honor this Franco-American co-production, which is not intended to be screened afterwards. » The specialized site French Film also indicates that these broadcasts will be enriched with subtitles intended for the deaf and hard of hearing, in the original version and in the French version.

Synopsis :

In a Massachusetts fishing town. Ruby (Emilia Jones)seventeen, is the only member of his family who is not deaf – also referred to as CODAEnglish acronym for “child of dead adults“. Her life consists of acting as an interpreter for her parents and, every day, helping her father and brother on the family fishing boat before going to school. When Ruby enrolls in the choir of the In high school, she discovers a gift for singing and falls in love with her partner Miles.Encouraged by her enthusiastic and demanding teacher to apply to a prestigious music school, Ruby quickly finds herself torn between the obligations she believes she has to to his family and the pursuit of his dreams.

The teaser :

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CODA, the Oscar-winning American remake of La Famille Bélier, broadcast in cinemas in France for 48 hours