Death Stranding Director’s Cut test on PS5. A work by Hideo Kojima

The test of the game Death Stranding Director’s Cut, published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Kojima Productions, was carried out on PS5.

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Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Death Stranding Director's Cut test on PS5. A work by Hideo Kojima

When Death Stranding was released in November 2009 on PlayStation 4, Benjamin referred to the game as a unique proposition. A game surgically cut by Hideo Kojima, despite taking a risk that proves to us that we can count on him and his studio to offer us universes and experiences beyond measure.
Two years later, 5 million copies sold and numerous prizes won (Game Awards, DICE Awards, BAFTA Game), Death Stranding resurfaces on PlayStation 5, with a new version called Director’s Cut.
If the Director’s Cut mention may seem odd for a title mastered from start to finish by Hideo Kojima, what is it really? In our case, it is not what has been modified, but what has been further developed that interests us. Explanation, with the Death Stranding Director’s Cut review on PS5.

  • Death Stranding Director´s Cut

    Death Stranding Director´s Cut

  • Death Stranding Director´s Cut

    Death Stranding Director´s Cut

  • Death Stranding Director´s Cut

    Death Stranding Director´s Cut

The Story of Death Stranding Director’s Cut

In the future, a mysterious event known as Death Stranding upset the Earth’s ecosystem and opened a door between the world of the living and the world of the dead. As a result, creatures from beyond called BT, have set out to roam this fallen world marked by a devastated society, and strange rains fall on the surface pushing humanity to live protected in bunkers.
The player takes on the role of delivery boy Samuel Porter Bridges, played by Norman Reedus. And your mission is to restore hope to humanity by connecting the last survivors of a decimated America. Can you reunite this broken world and bring a nation back to life?

America, reconstruction … his dream is not dead.

We will give birth to the United Cities of America
We will give birth to the United Cities of America

1637836897 347 Death Stranding Directors Cut test on PS5 A work byBen-J’s review
The story of Death Stranding reflects a certain mastery on the part of Hideo Kojima, but may seem confusing for a long time to be extremely gripping in the last 10 hours of the title, a festival of staging.
Much like Sam, you’ll need to maintain your motivation despite the obstacles and commuting weariness to earn the epic conclusion the title offers.

Unlike other games stamped with Director’s Cut, and more particularly in the cinema, the scenario keeps the same original bases. However, there are additional missions, which were already present in the PC version released in July 2020 and new missions exclusive to this PlayStation 5 version. In fact, some revelations and infiltration missions dear to our friend Kojima.

Game System

I will not do a second test of the game, and I invite you to discover the Death Stranding test published in December 2019. I will rather explain to you the novelties brought to the work of Kojima. Already know that you can export your PlayStation 4 save to continue the adventure on PlayStation 5. You can then finish the game where you left off or discover new things, if you have already seen the credits.

Death Stranding Director's Cut
Death Stranding Director’s Cut

It will eventually become a habit, but the PlayStation 5 continues to amaze us. The reputation of the console’s SSD drive is well established, but it’s worth noting that loading times have been drastically reduced to save several seconds and fully enjoy the game.
In addition, the game now uses the features of the DualSense: haptic feedback to feel the different surfaces trod by Sam or the weather conditions. The triggers are put to the test to regain your balance, but also when using your weapons.

For those who know the previous PlayStation 4 version, two things are obvious from the launch of the game. First, we can now increase the font. And that, given the resolution of our televisions today, it feels really good. Second, Death Stranding Director’s Cut now features a fifth difficulty mode. All players will therefore be able to enjoy the adventure. Those who want to enjoy the adventure like a ride, and those who want a more full-bodied experience.

1637836897 347 Death Stranding Directors Cut test on PS5 A work byBen-J’s review
The strength of Death Stranding is simple. Everything stems from the concept of the “link”. All the mechanics are imbued with this theme, which makes the game a radical and uncompromising experience. A vision of Hideo Kojima carried to the extreme in the smallest details. Read more of the Death Stranding test run on PS4 Pro.

I can already hear some PS4 players screaming scandal, but Death Stranding Director’s Cut slightly modifies its gameplay with options that remain optional: a stabilizer appears to facilitate Samuel’s balance and a catapult to send his delivery into the air. Two new features that make the game less painful, but that distorts the experience.
New weapons complete the arsenal of the game and a shooting range is now present to test your equipment and sharpen your aim. Last but not least, we note the presence of car and motorcycle races on circuits, which in my opinion has nothing to do in the devastated universe of Death Stranding.

1637836897 210 Death Stranding Directors Cut test on PS5 A work byThe opinion of ou-jedi
By playing in online mode, you can borrow structures or use items put by other players because, and this is also one of the new features of the style, everyone is connected and contributes to the evolution of the map ranging from simple ladders and ropes to bridges and roads considerably facilitating deliveries.


In my opinion, what fully justifies the purchase of Death Stranding Director’s Cut is above all in the graphic gap and the two rendering modes now common to all games. This is the first wow effect. On the one hand, we have a 4K display and a stable framerate which favors quality, and on the other, a display that spins at 60 frames per second favoring performance.

But Kojila offers a new 16: 9 aspect ratio that offers a wider field of view, which allows you to admire the surroundings more.

Death Stranding Director's Cut - Without widescreen mode
Death Stranding Director’s Cut – Without widescreen mode
Death Stranding Director's Cut - With widescreen mode
Death Stranding Director’s Cut – With widescreen mode


I won’t go over the masterful soundtrack of the game, but the second wow effect is in the support for the spatialization of the audio. If I had been pleasantly surprised by theReturnal’s 3D immersion, there, the sound engine works wonders whether during the cutscenes or during your deliveries. If you have the option to play with a headset that supports Tempest 3D audio like the Steelseries Arctis 7P +, don’t go without.

ConclusionMy opinion on Death Stranding Director’s Cut on Sony Playstation 5


Death Stranding is a unique proposition. A game cut in a surgical way. The realization of an uncompromising vision of its author. From the choice of characters to the story, it is also a reflection on humanity from which we do not come out unscathed. But it is also a game with a difficult rhythm to apprehend with passages which can discourage and a story which is told almost too much in the end. Despite everything, we can only congratulate Hideo Kojima for taking the risk, who proves to us that we can count on him to offer us universes and experiences beyond compare., and this, whatever the medium. Proof that the video game can surpass its master, the cinema.
This PlayStation 5 version benefits from a much more powerful console and the improvements are largely related to the graphics, the sound universe, and the use of DualSense. The additional content, meanwhile, distorts the spirit of the original game a little.

In summary

The strong points The strengths of Death Stranding Director’s Cut

  • – A universe built by the hand of a goldsmith
  • – A consistency of madness
  • – A thoughtful story
  • – Clear answers to all questions
  • – Masterful actors
  • – The infiltration phases
  • – Non-existent loading times
  • – A constant framerate of 60fps

The weak spots The weak points of Death Stranding Director’s Cut

  • – A hollow in the rhythm in the middle of the title
  • – Disappointing bosses
  • – The phases of combat in the street
  • – Questionable bonuses

Video presentation of the new features of this PS5 version

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Death Stranding Director’s Cut test on PS5. A work by Hideo Kojima