Deezer increases the price of its subscriptions in France

The French music streaming platform is preparing to raise its prices for the first time since its creation. In return, subscribers will benefit from high quality sound. Explanations.

Starting January 18, 2022, Deezer subscriptions will cost more. The French music streaming platform has indeed decided to increase its prices for the first time since 2009. Next year, the individual monthly subscription (Deezer Premium) will increase from 9.99 euros to 10.99 euros while the family formula (Deezer Family) will cost 3 euros more, or 17.99 euros instead of 14.99 euros. These increases, of 10% and 20% respectively, are accompanied by a merger of the Premium Hi-Fi formulas in order to offer high-fidelity sound (FLAC format, 16 bits/44.1 kHz) to all users. paying.

Asked by France InfoLouis-Alexis de Gemini, former general manager of Deezer France and new international marketing manager for the group, confirms this increase: “A premium subscription will cost eleven euros instead of ten, a family subscription will cost 18 euros instead of 15 (…) After twelve years, we need to continue to invest in the application, in its content, and to that we need from our customers”. Also asked about this by Le Figarohe ensures that “Deezer must invest to consolidate its development in France and continue its international expansion”. With 4.2 million subscribers, the tricolor service now claims the number one status for audio streaming in France,

A few months after explaining that “Deezer has[vait] already lost the battle for the world’s top spot in music streaming”, the platform had to react to the announcements of its main competitors. The battle has been raging for several months and high definition streaming has become one of the major arguments of several services. If the Swedish giant Spotify (or Google) continues to turn a deaf ear, the American services Apple Music, Amazon Music and more recently Tidal (a European service that has become American) have greatly improved their offer over the past twelve months. The Cupertino company launched hostilities by offering its subscribers better sound quality, at no additional cost. Amazon had reacted even before the arrival of Apple’s new offer by lowering the price of its HD offer.

In France, Qobuz also unveiled a new price list while Deezer offered hi-fi quality in its Family offer. For Deezer HiFi subscribers, we also note that this announcement is interesting since the Hi-Fi offer at 14.99 euros disappears in favor of the Premium offer at 10.99 euros while the Family HiFi offer (with six accounts) at 19.99 euros will join the formula at 17.99 euros. Even if the changes are scheduled for January 18, 2022, these HiFi formulas have already disappeared from the Deezer site.

The Deezer HiFi subscription is no longer available. It will merge with the Premium offer.©Screenshot/L’Éclaireur Fnac

The risk of raising prices

For subscribers to classic formulas, the subscription becomes more expensive and several competitors offer an HD offer up to 24 bits/192 KHz. The addition of the Hi-Fi offer is not necessarily interesting for everyone, many are those who cannot tell the difference between AAC (256 kb/s) or MP3 (320 kb/s) and lossless music. You need the right equipment to really see a difference.

If the movement operated by Deezer may seem risky, the firm which employs 600 people defends itself and is already advancing its arguments. “This price increase will benefit 70% of the artists, authors, composers, producers and performers we support. There is also a desire for solidarity with the music industry”, says Louis-Alexis de Gemini. He adds that Deezer is “the leading funder of musical creation in France, to the tune of almost 200 million euros last year”. Finally, the French group indicates that it has “need to earn some more money” to continue to develop and offer a quality service to its subscribers.

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Deezer increases the price of its subscriptions in France