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A film nominated for the Oscars and already awarded elsewhere

Since its release in November 2021, the film animated “Encanto” was a great success. Some qualify the film as being even more for adults than for children.

Oscar nominations

Encanto was nominated in three categories. These are: best animated film, best soundtrack and best original song. Moreover, in this category the public was surprised by the choice of the best music. Indeed, the general expectation of the public, was on the song “Let’s not talk about Bruno”. However, it is “Dos Oruguitas” which was selected.

A decision that Lin-Manuel Mirandathe co-writer explains:

You have to choose what best exemplifies the spirit of the film and this song contains all of that, as opposed to a particular character’s journey. That’s the core story, but I’m not going to say it wasn’t hard to choose.

The BAFTA award

During the ceremony of BAFTA, which are a bit like the British oscars, the movie Encanto received an award. The fiction won Best Animated Film. An unexpected victory from the directors Jared Bush and Byron Howard.

The story of the bespectacled heroine

A touching story is hidden behind the physique given to the heroine Mirabel.

Lowri’s story

It is in 2019 that Lowrian enthusiastic little British girl, written to Disney. The latter says in a letter that all the heroines she has known so far ndon’t wear glasses. She explains :

I grew up watching Disney Princesses that I always looked up to, and always found them to be beautiful. Unfortunately, none of these princesses wear glasses and that makes me feel like I’m not pretty enough. »

Information that did not fall on deaf ears. At the writing ofEncantothe directors, starting with Jared Bush, insisted on changing this physical trait. Thus the beautiful Mirabel, which touched the hearts of the public, wears a green frame in the film.

Lowri invited to the BAFTA

On the occasion of the appointment to BAFTAdirector Jared Blush held to invite the girl to thank her for writing. He says he had trouble containing himself all this time for not having answered the young Briton’s mail.

He explains in an interview for the BBC:

She’s my heroine. I can’t imagine being that age and being that brave. You are such an inspiration to us all.

An affection he underlined by sending Lowri a drawing of Mirabel which reads “Heroes wear glasses. If the story is already moving at this point, imagine the reaction of the young girl when she found out that she was invited to the BAFTA.

It is therefore accompanied by the directors that we could see Lowri at the ceremony. The girl shared a snapshot of his evening with the creators of the film and the prize in his hands.

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Disney +: A look back at the hit and Oscar-nominated animated film “Encanto” – actualite-news.com