Fortnite X The Last Of Us Collaboration Details Leak Ahead

A recent Fortnite leak is breaking the internet. According to reports, the characters from Naughty Dog’s flagship video game, The Last of Us, are all set to make their way into the game in September 2022. The long-awaited collaboration has finally gained traction and will soon be a reality.

More info on The Last of Us X Fortnite: – Ellie and Joel skins – Release date most likely in September – The collaboration has been going on for months (Info via: @ShiinaBR)

Tweeted by Fortnite’s most prominent and data miner ShiinaBR, the post revealed the franchise’s upcoming skins, along with a tentative launch period. As leaked by Shiina, players can expect the information to come from a reliable and trustworthy source.

Ellie and Joel from The Last of Us are all set to come to Fortnite

Fortnite is on a series of collaborations. The final Chapter 3 Season 3 teased and introduced a wealth of iconic pop culture characters to the game. holds the truth.

According to the tweet, the Fortnite X Last of Us collaboration will bring characters Ellie and Joel to the game in the form of cosmetic outfits. The release date will probably be in September. Most likely, this will be part of the promotion for the upcoming remastered title, The Last of Us Part 1.

Everything we know about Fortnite X The Last of Us:- There will be “Ellie” & “Joel” skins- The release date is most likely in September- The collaboration has been in the works for months, according to my source

Given that the final season ends on September 18, 2022, one can’t help but assume that the next Fortnite Battle Pass will be themed around the Last of Us franchise. Otherwise, the crossover could drop on September 26, also known as name of Outbreak Day in the Last of Us community.

Although leaks have surfaced, parent organizations like Epic Games, PlayStation, and Naught Dog have yet to release any information about the collaboration. However, the community is already ecstatic and has started speculating about different aspects of the crossover.

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The Fortnite community is certainly excited about the upcoming collaboration, and players have already started to debate and discuss possible cosmetics and other attributes. The first thing almost everyone bought was the golf club. Players are excited to wield the Driver pickaxe and hit Joel.

While the majority are excited about the joint venture, some are dubious. Based on the superfluity of leaks over the past few seasons, some players think it all sounds too good to be true.

However, one thing is certain: the community now has a brand new collaboration on their hands to speculate and discuss. In the coming days, there will be a flurry of crossover debate.

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Set in a post-apocalyptic United States, The Last of Us follows the story of Joel, a survivor who slowly loses his sense of morality after the death of his daughter, and Ellie, a young girl who struggles to find a connection. human.

The protagonists travel across the land, braving different oddities in search of hope for the future of humanity.

Many gamers consider The Last of Us to be the best horror survival game to date. It has received numerous accolades, including the BAFTA award for best game in 2014.

The game’s popularity could be gauged by the fact that a namesake HBO series is set to go live next year. It follows the same theme as the game.

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Fortnite X The Last Of Us Collaboration Details Leak Ahead