Game of Thrones-themed Faberge dragon egg sells for $ 2.2 million


Game of thrones maybe finished, but with the new spin-off Dragon house to come HBO, the band did not stop. A Faberge dragon egg just sold for a massive $ 2.2 million and is set to go on tour when the show makes its official debut. The egg was revealed during a private unveiling on December 10 in Beverly Hills attended by an Emmy and BAFTA winner. Had costume designer Michele Clapton, who worked closely with Fabergé chief designer Liisa Tallgren and Warner Bros. Consumer Products to imagine the intricate creation inspired by Daenerys Targaryen’s journey. The “commemorative egg object Was sold to an anonymous buyer in April shortly after its announcement and before the start of nine months of work by worker Fabergé Paul Jones and his team of craftsmen, said global sales manager Josina von dem Bussche-Kessell . Hollywood journalist. VIDEO OF THE DAY

This egg might not hatch a dragon, but it will still turn heads. The shell is cast from 18k white gold leaf and the egg design is drawn free-form and etched directly onto the material. Enamel scales were made from light blue, gray, mauve and purple crushed glass which was then made into paste and laminated, baked and re-polished. You can begin to understand why the price was so high. Around the base is an 18k white gold dragon tail that is wrapped around. The dragon’s tail contains white diamonds and moonstones as well as a mechanism of movable joints and links which provide a more detailed look as well as a “time consuming” design process.


The room opens to reveal another egg made up of three 18k gold blades that each represent Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion. The inner shells of the inner egg are finished with over 20 dark red rubies resembling drops of blood surrounded by hundreds of pink sapphires and white diamonds. The “heart” of the egg is a pear-cut ruby ​​that sits on a removable white gold crown, which can be removed and attached as a pendant to a necklace chain hidden in the room. The details and design of this egg took a long time to assemble and brings the GOT feel to the artwork. Russian jeweler and goldsmith Peter Carl Fabergé began the tradition of eggs adorned with precious stones in 1885 when he was commissioned by Tsar Alexander III to create an Easter egg for his wife. He created 50 Imperial Eggs for the Royal Family until 1916.

Game of thrones fans will have the chance to see the dragon egg in person on its tour next year. The tour aligns with Game of thrones prequel series Dragon house, which will air in 2022 on HBO Max. You can watch the teaser below for the new series. What do you think of this one-of-a-kind piece? Worth the $ 2.2 million for a private collection? Keep following FilmWeb for all the latest news.

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Game of Thrones-themed Faberge dragon egg sells for $ 2.2 million