Game releases: Overlord, Moth Lake, Minor Miner, Lumz and Airship Knights

Thursday game releases iphone ipadToday, 12 interesting video games land on App Store for your iOS devices and especially Overlord, Moth Lake, Minor Miner: Mining Action, Lumz and Airship Knights.

Thursday is to video games what Wednesday is to cinema, which is why you find at iPhoneSoft: Thursday game outings for iPhone, iPod and iPad for years.

New free iOS games:

overlord icon game ipa iphone ipadSuzerain (Game, Role Playing, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.1, 189MB, iOS 11.0, Torpor Games)

Rule Sordland during President Rayne’s first term in this multi-award-winning text-based role-playing game on PC. Navigate the intricacies of politics by chatting with your cabinet and other personalities. Condemn or give in to corruption, fight for your ideals or renounce them.

Your policy belongs to you… Watch the video trailer:

The fans of tropical can go for it with their eyes closed!

Download free game Suzerain

overlord capture game ipa iphone ipad

scriptic netflix edition icon game ipa iphone ipadScripticNetflix Edition (Game, Adventure, iPhone/iPad, v0.2.3, 950MB, iOS 15.0)

Exclusively for Netflix subscribers.
Leading the investigation in this crime drama, you follow leads to find a killer. Your exhibit? The victim’s phone, full of clues. In this BAFTA-nominated game, you play as a Scotland Yard detective who goes through the victim’s phone to uncover the truth.

Download free game ScripticNetflix Edition

scriptic netflix edition capture game ipa iphone ipad

sand an adventure story icon game ipa iphone ipadSand – An Adventure Story (Game, Adventure/Puzzle, iPhone/iPad, v1.0, 200MB, iOS 12.1, Pixlab)

It’s the 1920s. Leo Parker, a renowned archaeologist and explorer, is in Giza working on excavations for the British crown. About to return home, Leo gets wind of the discovery of a new grave. His exploration of this tomb marks the beginning of an adventure that will lead him to discover not only the ancient past, but also himself.

Sand is part puzzle game, part adventure and part graphic novel. Uncover the story of the long-dead Pharaoh Anat by solving puzzles and uncovering clues in a variety of Egyptian-themed settings. Explore tombs, find clues in the stars themselves, trade with merchants, open ancient gates, and return to ancient Egypt in search of answers.

Download free game Sand – An Adventure Story

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minor miner mining action icon game ipa iphone ipadMinor Miner: Mining Action (Game, Action, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.0, 106MB, iOS 11.0, Dong Jun Sohn)

Avoid the goblins of the future and conquer the mines! An original game that mixes “shoot” and “puzzle” styles with vertical scrolling movement and an adorable retro look.

Will you make it to the end without hitting an explosive mine?

Watch the video trailer:

After the first login, you can play the game offline. Some functions using the network are limited.
The account in this game is used to transfer save data when you switch devices.

Download free game Minor Miner: Mining Action

minor miner mining action capture game ipa iphone ipad

magic vs metal icon game ipa iphone ipadMagic vs Metal (Game, Action/Strategy, iPhone/iPad, v1.2.6, 990MB, iOS 13.0, Foursaken Media)

Centuries after a meteor strike wiped out nearly all of humanity, two factions evolved: one biological, the other mechanical. Now both are engaged in a desperate war to survive. Choose your hero, summon an unstoppable army, unleash devastating powers, and suppress the enemy in this action-packed real-time strategy game.

A third person RTS which is rather well done and impressive!

Download free game Magic vs Metal

magic vs metal capture game ipa iphone ipad

idle pocket planet icon game ipa iphone ipadIdle Pocket Planet (Game, Quiz, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.2, 309MB, iOS 11.0, HyperBeard Inc.)

Go on a cosmic journey and discover new planets to explore!

COLONIZE this mysterious galaxy and develop your technology to reach new stages of scientific evolution!
COMBINE your colonies and your ships to create new facilities, each more powerful than the next, and capable of bringing greater rewards!
COLLECT tons of artifacts to fill your science journal and decorate your ship!
EXPAND your galactic empire by transforming each of your small planetary colonies into sci-fi fortresses and discovering strange new galaxies!
RELAX in a relaxing atmosphere and contemplate the endless expanse of the universe…

Download free game Idle Pocket Planet

idle pocket planet capture game ipa iphone ipad

classic solitaire icon game ipa iphone ipadclassic solitaire (Game, Maps, iPhone / iPad, v1.0, 360MB, iOS 15.0, Netflix, Inc.)

Exclusively for Netflix subscribers. Move cards and arrange them in descending order of alternating red and black, and rank suits from ace to king in this timeless and popular game also known as ‘patience’ or ‘success’. This great classic, offered by MobilityWare who created the original free version on iOS, allows you to start a game wherever you want, whenever you want. Participate in daily challenges to win prizes and collect victory animations!

Download free game classic solitaire

classic solitaire capture game ipa iphone ipad

airship knights icon game ipa iphone ipadAirship Knights (Game, Role Playing, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.2, 692MB, iOS 11.0, SuperPlanet)

“An arcane punk world where airships fly through the sky. You are Cloud Island’s first airship captain!”

Board the airship and fight in “Time Attack” type idle battles. Perfectly designed for mobiles, games only last 10 seconds! Combat and character progression are automatic, so increasingly powerful enemies will be no problem for you. The interest lies in the decision-making and tactics, all supported by a scenario that takes you on an adventure that mixes magic and engineering.

A high quality achievement!

Download free game Airship Knights

airship knights capture game ipa iphone ipad

New paid iOS games:

sandream icon game ipa iphone ipadsandream (Game, Action/Adventure, iPhone/iPad, v1.166, 205MB, iOS 11.0, BluSped)

Ella’s memory is hazy in the world of sand, she faced many difficulties alone, and with the help of many friends, she bravely walked forward, constantly collected memory fragments to find herself, and faces challenges such as pain, depression, and war one by one, and finally grow up bravely.

This is an action-adventure game, with a sand painting background style, which gradually shows Ella’s journey of growth and transformation.

To download sandream at €2.49

sandream capture game ipa iphone ipad

moth lake icon game ipa iphone ipadMoth Lake (Game, Entertainment, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.4, 129MB, iOS 8.0, Stefano Mazzotta)

This is the story of Moth Lake, a small town which, behind its peaceful facade, hides a terrible secret.
Only a group of teenagers flayed by life will be able to reveal what has been hidden for generations.

Mysterious events will intensify on the eve of a solar eclipse
and our young friends will begin a journey into the shadows and into their own souls.

A stunning 2.5D pixel-art game with simple controls (support for touchscreen, mouse, keyboard and controllers) to solve sometimes overly thoughtful puzzles!

To download Moth Lake at €4.99

moth lake capture game ipa iphone ipad

lumz icon game ipa iphone ipadLumz (Game, Puzzle, iPhone / iPad, v1.0, 44MB, iOS 10.0, Yembel)

Colors have no secrets for you, so live the Lumz experience! Travel to different countries, and discover symbolic places, through a color palette.

You direct Lumz, it is an entity composed of the primary colors, Red, Green and Blue. As you can imagine, your goal is to compose new colors, playing on each component.

A good excuse to solve puzzles, find your way, reconstruct the correct colors of the flags!

To download Lumz at €3.49

lumz capture game ipa iphone ipad

art of fighting 2 aca neogeo game icon ipa iphone ipadArt of Fighting 2 ACA NEOGEO (Game, Action, iPhone / iPad, v1.1.0, 171MB, iOS 11.0, SNK CORPORATION)

Art of Fighting 2 is a fighting game released by SNK in 1994.
Twelve fighters compete to be crowned as the strongest in the ultimate “King of Fighters” fighting championship.
New mechanics such as the “Rage Guage”, the addition of weak and strong attacks, and a recovery mechanism on landing make the fights even more intense than in the previous title!

To download Art of Fighting 2 ACA NEOGEO at €4.99

art of fighting 2 aca neogeo capture game ipa iphone ipad

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Game releases: Overlord, Moth Lake, Minor Miner, Lumz and Airship Knights