Hard West 2 is now available on PC

Good Shepherd Entertainment announced that Hard West 2the sequel to the turn-based strategy hit, is now available on PC.

Battle the dead and the living across the vast American West in this supernatural sequel to the turn-based strategy hit, which has garnered over 500,000 viewers worldwide since its release.

When crook kingpin Gin Carter is panning for gold and stumbles upon a legendary “ghost train,” he faces the Devil himself! Gin then assembles his gang of bizarre outlaws to save his soul in a world increasingly corrupted by darkness.

Hard West 2 develops the radical vision of its elder with an even more open tactical approach, which leaves plenty of room for improvisation and creativity. Change the course of history by taking advantage of your gang’s advantages, whose powers and attributes combine to create incredible synergies that can turn any situation around. Each kill activates Bravado and fills your Action Points gauge, allowing you to frantically chain attacks against anything that has the audacity to stand in your way.

Your science of timing and positioning will allow you to open real breaches in the enemy ranks and decimate them before they even have time to react. The smallest insignificant decision can prove crucial to gaining the upper hand: creativity and audacity are always rewarded in Hard West 2 !

  • Become the leader of a supernatural gang: lead your squad of lawless gunslingers, witches and other strange creatures and evolve them thanks to the cards of the Deck of Haunts that you will unlock over the course of the adventure. Give them weapons, explosives, powers or just whiskey and some white beans to keep them in good shape. Take advantage of synergies within your group to deliver powerful attacks and take control of the battlefield. Make the right decisions to earn more Loyalty Points, in order to solve the various challenges and other side quests.
  • Conquer the Dark Frontier: explore the frozen lands and rundown towns of the wild west in this fierce battle against the living, but also the dead! Enjoy dynamic environments, where lead and magic mix in a furious maelstrom, and let your imagination run wild in horse chases and more heist train
  • Unleash your fury with the Bravado: no longer need to wait under cover Hard West 2 since each kill fills your Action Points gauge! Go on the attack and chain brutal executions to keep your streak going and gain more firepower.
  • The good, the bad and the undead: the Wild West is inhabited by folk tales that collide with the darkness of the occult. The whole thing comes to life thanks to the dubbing of Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series), Darien Sills-Evans (Days Gone) and Adam Gifford (The Colony) as well as the soundtrack by Jason Graves (dead space), already awarded at the BAFTAs. The screenplay is co-written by Matt Forbeck (Deadlands), New York Times best-selling author and Origins Award winner.

Hard West 2 is available on PC via Steam and GOG, priced at €24.99 with a 10% discount until next August 11.

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Hard West 2 is now available on PC