HBO Max’s “Starstruck” is the perfect show. Why don’t people talk about it?

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This week:

I beg you: look Starstruck

If I had to choose my favorite recent TV joke in Non-Abbott Elementary School Category (See here for the winner) it will be from the premiere of the new season of Starstruck on HBO Max.

I don’t know why we don’t all talk about Starstruck, because, for this kind of program, it’s perfect. It’s a television comedy that perfectly executes all the beats and cliches we know and covet from a classic rom-com. And he has an irresistible fresh voice that underlines everything, thanks to creator and star Rose Matafeo.

To its familiarity, the first episode of the series basically plays out like a smart, modern movie. Notting Hill remake. Jessie (Matafeo), a broken millennial hustling in London, has no idea the day after a one-night stand that Tom (Nikesh Patel), the man she slept with, is makes him a very popular actor. Tongue. This incredibly gripping first episode helped them figure out how to be together — or should they be — due to their differences in uh… popularity?

It manages to do the job of taking a look at the epic gestures and cheesy speeches of beloved rom-coms without the obvious “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a guy”…” (I’ll defend that Notting Hill speech until the day I die, then my headstone would say, “Julia Roberts’ monologue is awesome!”)

That’s especially true for season two, whose romantic shot in rowboats on a pond manages to be both appreciated and features a fervent homage to the genre.

Anyway, the first season ends on Postgraduate interval. They decide to try to be together… now what? What you don’t see later Postgraduate The ending is weird. It was tumultuous watching Jessie and Tom make a decision without trying to offend each other. But the best moment was when Jessie started to reel over the consequences of not getting on the plane she was supposed to be on to leave London for good.

Jessie: “I planned everything. I had the window seat. I booked two window seats for the flight and a gluten-free meal… and I’ll see Dunkirk so now i guess i never watch Dunkirk. “

Tom: “We can watch Dunkirk. “

Jessie: “On the floor? In a house?!”

This program is a pearl. You should watch this.

Are you telling me that he also said!?

Among my biggest regrets in life is watching bridgerton Part 2 is too fast. I’m afraid of separation. It is physically painful. It’s been too long since I’ve seen my husband’s smoldering eyes.

It was a deep understanding of how Basic Bitch I lived cultivating the strongest love of my adult life with the cute main man of the romantic drama turned TV series. most visitors in the world right now. But I was willing to take the risk if it meant a shot with Jonathan Bailey. Or, honestly, just be in the room with him, let him stare intently at me for a few seconds, then smile and say hello. I think it was enough to allow me to go to the end.

That obsession only increased this week when an online video captured Bailey at one point auditioning for the musical. The last five years. (See here.)

Well, a quick Google search shows that Bailey can clearly sing. he won the Olivier Award for his West End production of The society currently plays on Broadway.

But it’s a completely different and very erotic experience to have a highly skilled camera pass over his face as he sings a heartfelt and desperate love ballad.

Someone please intervene.

Yes, I’m still crying CODA

You’d think that with a brand new awards show since the Oscars and no one talking about anything but The Slap, I’d stop crying. CODA. Ha! Stupid.

On different nights this week, I reviewed the speeches of CODA win Oscar night and legally choke every time the camera pans out to the audience and celebrities wave applause – sobbing during Troy Kotsur’s speech as a performer. She began to burst with emotion when she translated for him.

Of course, I saw the film again, then the musical numbers, only to cry again.

But then this: do we know that CODA Did Emilia Jones perform ‘Both Sides Now’ at the BAFTAs just before the Oscars? I have no idea. It’s beautiful, and so happy to have another clip to add to the watch and cry playlist. (See here.)

I have a question

This is no way to shed light on a tragic situation, but I needed to read 10,000 words and see an 8 part document of what happened here:

What to watch this week:

Ambulance: You wouldn’t believe the chemical reaction between Jake Gyllenhaal and the ambulance. (Friday in theaters)

The Kardashians: Resistance is futile. (Thursday on Hulu)

Excellency: Or you can wait for your gay friends on Twitter to post screenshots of all the craziest moments. (Friday on Netflix)

What to skip this week:

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: There’s “it’s fun to watch a silly movie”, and then there’s the line, “I want a ticket to sonic the hedgehog 2, Please.” (Friday in theaters.)

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HBO Max’s “Starstruck” is the perfect show. Why don’t people talk about it?