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ticket to paradise, the highly anticipated romantic comedy from Universal Pictures, is finally available to stream. It was written and directed by Ol Parkerwho is no stranger to the genre with his previous directorial credits in Mama Mia! Here we go again and imagine me and you.

A genre that misses its classics can still benefit from industry heavyweights on screen, and when it comes to starring roles, it can’t get much bigger than George Clooney and julia robert.

On the one hand, Roberts holds an Oscar, a BAFTA award and three Golden Globes. She is undoubtedly romantic comedy royalty, having starred in some of the genre’s most acclaimed films with A pretty woman and Notting Hill, among many others. Clooney, on the other, is a four-time Golden Globe, two-time Oscar winner and a once-BAFTA winner. Although he is not afraid to take on projects such as The thin red line Where Gravityhe also showed a lighter side in romantic comedies, including A beautiful day and Intolerable Cruelty.

Not only ticket to paradise star two of Hollywood’s most renowned names, but they also serve as executive producers. And in addition to their exceptional individual talent, Roberts and Clooney have already proven their on-screen chemistry by working together on films like silver monster and Ocean’s Eleven, just to name a few. The cast is rounded out by rising talents Kaitlyn Dever (Library) and Maxime Boutier (Meet me after the sun goes down), more Lucas Bravo (Emily in Paris) and Billie Heavy (american horror story) in small roles.

Here we share more details about what the movie is about, when and where to watch it, and some other love stories to binge on if you liked it. ticket to paradise.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated on December 16.

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When does Ticket to Paradise hit theaters?

ticket to paradise will be released in US theaters on October 21, 2022. It’s also still playing in select theaters, you can check the links below to see if there are showtimes near you:

When will Ticket to Paradise be streaming?

If there are no theaters near you playing Ticket to Paradise, you’re in luck as the romantic comedy is now available to stream exclusively on Peacock for Premium and Premium Plus subscribers from December 16, 2022. .

Look on the peacock

For those who are not subscribed to Peacock, ticket to paradise is also available for purchase or rental upon request.

Will Ticket to Paradise be available on DVD and Blu-ray?

ticket to paradise released on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on December 13, 2022. The film is available at the retailer of your choice or you can buy it on Amazon.

Buy on Amazon

What is Ticket to Paradise?

The story begins with David (Clooney) and Georgia’s (Roberts) daughter, Lily (Dever) soon to be married in Bali to her fiancé Gede (Bouttier). Now divorced, the bride-to-be’s parents believe their daughter is making a big mistake – as they did at the time – and each go their separate ways to try to stop her, initially unaware that they have all both the same plan.

They may not support each other at first, but perhaps a common goal will soften the long-running feud and bring them together in unexpected ways. For her part, Lily knows her parents’ background and asks them to behave with her special day just around the corner. Of course, these pursue their plan anyway.

Like any great film of its kind, romance is at the heart of the story – but the twist of family drama and countless laughs are sure to come too.

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Universal Pictures has set up the ticket to paradise trailer on its YouTube channel in late June, so rom-com fans have been waiting for the release for a few months now. Haven’t watched it yet? You can find it below.

More romance movies like Ticket to Paradise

For those who think there’s no such thing as old-school romantic comedy, releases like ticket to paradise are definitely exciting.

If you couldn’t get enough ticket to paradiseyou can also watch these movies:

Blue jay – Featured Sarah Paulson like Amanda and Marc Duplass like Jim, Blue jay is certainly not a comedy, but the romantic side is deep and undeniable. It tells the story of a chance encounter between two former high school sweethearts, who spend time together again as they reminisce about why they fell in love with each other. For those looking for stories about rekindling the flame of love, this film is essential.

Implement – What this film has in common with ticket to paradise is that, in both cases, the protagonists come together for a common purpose. But while in Implement they seek to bring two people together, ticket to paradise they try to tear them up. Implement stars Zoey Deutsch and Glen Powellwith none other than lucy liu in a supporting role.

The wedding of my best friend If you want more Julia Roberts, this is one of her must-have rom-coms. With an Oscar nomination for best score, The wedding of my best friend follows Julianne, a young Julia Roberts determined to win the heart of her best friend, whom she realizes she is in love with, days before her wedding.

In the air – If, on the other hand, you’re a fan of George Clooney, this is a love movie starring the iconic actor. Realized by Jason Reitman (Juno), In the air talks about businessman Ryan Bingham (Clooney) as he meets Alex, the woman of his dreams played by the dreamer Vera Farmiga. However, all is not well, as love could hamper his career and, even worse, his frequent flyer miles.

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