“I’m naked”: Marion Cotillard embarrassed to reveal herself in Eve’s outfit in full live

Invited on the set of “C à vous”, Marion Cotillard was very embarrassed after having rebroadcast a few scenes from an old film where she appeared naked! Unusual gives you more details in this regard, below.

After a very rich career in the world of the seventh art, does Marion Cotillard regret having shot a few scenes, especially those where she appeared naked? You will have the answer in the following lines. So stay tuned! Before looking into this case, we remind you that the Parisian actress began her career in the late 1990s.

She revealed herself to the general public by participating in the “Taxi” saga, where she played the role of the hero’s companion. In February 2005, the mother received her first major award following her performance in “A Long Engagement Sunday”. This is the César for best actress in a supporting role, for only eight minutes of attendance.

Three years later, the star made an international rise by interpreting the role of Edith Piaf in “La Môme”. To this end, his talent has been crowned with several awards. In particular, the César, the Golden Globe, the BAFTA and the Oscar for best actress. And that’s not all ! Indeed, the forties did not stop there.

We had the opportunity to see it through other productions. Like: “The Ghosts of Ishmael”, whose director is Arnaud Desplechins. The latter was also at the helm of “Comment je me dispute”… A production that would be a black spot in Marion’s career!

Marion Cotillard: “It was one of my first films, I didn’t understand much”

It is not without knowing that the 74th edition of the famous Cannes festival will take place between May 17 and May 28. A great opportunity for moviegoers to watch their idol in “Brother and Sister”. A drama that tells the story of a man and his sister who have to deal with the problems that have existed between them for 20 years. For clarification, this feature film was directed by Arnaud Desplechin.

As a result, our two protagonists were invited to “C à vous” to talk about the aforementioned film. Thus, it is quite naturally that Patrick Cohen evoked the first collaboration between his two guests and which dates back to 1996. It is therefore about “How I argued… My sex life”. Moreover, the columnist even broadcast a few shots of the film.

However, the companion of Guillaume Canet did not look at all satisfied with said scene. And the reason? The star appeared in a scene where she was stripping! “You’re not going to pass any images, are you? I’m naked ! “, swings the main concerned. Before adding: “I did not understand much. There was this sentence of the Holy Spirit that I didn’t really understand”.

Moreover, she even told her joy in participating in this production at that time. “I was super happy […] For me, I was part of a film that was going to make great French cinema so I was super impressed. Thus, you will have understood, this daring role would have helped the star in his artistic ancestry!

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“I’m naked”: Marion Cotillard embarrassed to reveal herself in Eve’s outfit in full live