In one evening, Lady Gaga wins everything at the Grammies and breaks a record at the Bafta

In Los Angeles and London, Lady Gaga and “Shallow” picked up three awards in one night. And she also became the first female artist to win the Bafta for best original music.

The singer no longer knows where to turn. That same night, at two different events, Lady Gaga won four awards: first the Bafta for Best Original Score, and then the Grammy for Best Pop Performance for “Joanne (Where Do You Think You’re Goin’ ?)” Best Pop Duo and Best Movie Song.

If Lady Gaga has been at the forefront of hype since the release of the event film A Star is Born, the “Shallow” singer has also found critical acclaim with the Golden Globe for Best Original Song won last January, Oscar nominations and now the Grammies.

In Los Angeles, Lady Gaga also delivered a very touching speech. She first thanked Bradley Cooper, her costar on the film, who represented her A Star is Born at the Baftas: “Bradley, I wish you were here, I love singing this song with you.” Doubting to be rewarded at the Oscars, the singer adds:

“If I don’t get another chance to be able to say that, I mean I feel lucky to be able to be part of a movie that talks about mental health issues. They’re so important. A lot of artists We have to take care of each other. So if you see someone in pain, don’t look away. And if you’re in pain, even though it may be difficult, try to find the courage deep down to go tell someone and get help.”

Not having been able to go to the Bafta which took place in London the same evening, the singer shared her joy from Los Angeles, after the Grammies ceremony:

“I can’t believe we won the Bafta for Best Original Score. I wish I was there so much, but I’m at the Grammies to show them our love too. We made a film about the music. It means a lot for me. Thank you to all our fans who we love so much. We wouldn’t be here without you.”

First female artist to win the Bafta for Best Film Song

In the midst of this shower of awards, Lady Gaga becomes the first female artist to win a Bafta for best film song. This British ceremony, the equivalent of our Cesars in France, had until then only rewarded great male composers such as Michel Legrand, John Williams, Ennio Morricone, Alexandre Desplat or Justin Hurwitz…

With the euphoria of this triple coronation for “Shallow”, it is certainly not the main information that we will remember but it still means a lot. Ex-MTV product of the early 2000s, the pop star is now playing in the big leagues.

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In one evening, Lady Gaga wins everything at the Grammies and breaks a record at the Bafta