Jenifer: discover the price of her outfit for her return to the Star Academy

The return of Star Academy brought back many memories to fans of the time and parents now, but also to the first winner of the tele-hook, Jenifer, very moved, present on the set.

In a fuschia set much noticed by Internet users,Jenifer came to encourage the thirteen students who were preparing to join the castle of Dammaries-les-Lys, as she had done herself, 21 years earlier. The singer gave them advice, after performing a medley of her greatest hits. And her outfit was unanimous.

A total Valentino look for a very beautiful Jenifer

The viewers were not mistaken, Jenifer wore a Valentino outfit for her comeback on the Star Academy set. A fuschia dress at the price of 2900 euros as well as matching tights and pumps, worth 950 euros, we can say that the mother of Aaron, Joseph and Juvanni put the package. It must be said that for her it was not an evening like the others, her emotion was palpable and the pleasure she had of returning to this stage 21 years later alongside Nikos Aliagas read on his face. Impeccable look, manicure matching her outfit, controlled hair, neat make-up, for the viewers of the very first prime where this young Corsican girl appeared, a little shy, the evolution is obvious.

Indeed, her look pleased many viewers who reacted both on Twitter and under a photo that she herself posted on her Instagram account, with beating heart and emotion at its height. “Magnificent”, “queen”, “incredible, this medley, your outfit, your make-up: sublime!”It’s because the singer has come a long way from this same studio, and she knows she owes a lot to the Star Academy. It was well worth a small Valentino set!

Jenifer “I know you are competitors but be it with each other”

Although she is not the godmother of this 10th class, Jenniferdid not hesitate to give advice to young students who, like her, were about to enter the château when she was only 18. “Enjoy every moment, it’s amazing and I know you guys are competitors, but be with each other” she addressed to them, visibly very envious of not being able to return to Dammaries-les-Lys too. When Karima Cherni came to pick up the students to take them to the bus, she asked if she could go too, which made the students smile and had the advantage of de-stressing them a little.

There is no doubt that this return has taken her back several years, like the photos that appeared behind her, during her medley and as Jenifer had confided to the microphone of M Radio at the start of the week. “It made me feel weird! I said: ‘Okay, after 20 years’, but I wish only good things, especially for the participants”. Benevolent, she will undoubtedly have a very special place in this new season which is starting, and the students will certainly have a lot of advice to ask her. After all, isn’t she the very first winner of Star Academy?

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Jenifer: discover the price of her outfit for her return to the Star Academy