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As the second part of Top Gun, maverick, difficult not to have a thought for the one who played the instructor Charlie Blackwood, in the 1986 film, Kelly McGillis. Far from the spotlight, the actress is living happy days and finally seems to have made peace with a terrible traumatic past.

A face of an angel, and a talent of hell. In the 1980s, Kelly McGillis saw the doors of Hollywood open wide in front of her. The Californian born in 1963 in a well-to-do family apparently had a rather easy start. She left the West Coast to live her dream in New York and joined the very famous Julliard School, from which she came graduated in 1983. From her first role, she is a hit. Alongside Harrison Ford in Witness, she plays Rachel Lapp, a young mother from the Amish community who tries at all costs to protect her little boy, who witnesses a murder. His brilliant performance earned him a BAFTA nomination. The following year, she landed the role that would make her an international star. It actually becomes Charlie Blackwood, the sexy instructor of Maverick aka Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Far from wanting to make a career in blockbusters, Kelly McGillis makes more ambitious choices. At the risk of getting damaged.

An evening that turns into a nightmare

Because in 1988 she gave the reply to Jodie Foster in The accused by Jonathan Kaplana movie which comes to rekindle a wound kept secret for a long time. She plays the role of Kathryn Murphy, a prosecutor determined to indict the rapists of Sarah Tobias. And if the film is inspired by real events, it also has biting accents of truth for Kelly McGillis. The actress will reveal it only later, she also, while she was a student, was rape victim.

It’s in the pages of People that she reveals how she ended up, out of his shower, faced with two armed men who forced the door of his apartment. While beating her and cursing her and at knifepoint, the two men abused her. “They kept talking and telling me they gon’ beat me till I was dead“, she had recounted. “At that time, I thought I was going to die, and I resigned myself”. This drama would obviously have undermined his relationship with men.

After this film, the actress marries, becomes a mother and is gradually moving away from the limelight. Her divorce in the early 2000s caused her to fall into drugs and depression before her resurrection came in 2010. The actress comes out and marries her partner Melanie.

And if fans regret not seeing her in Top Gun: Maverick Kelly McGillis, she is not troubled. Nobody contacted me and I don’t think they thought about it. I’m old, I’m fat and I look my age, the 62-year-old actress said with disarming frankness to those who asked her her feelings about her ousting in favor of Jennifer Connelly. Far from Hollywood Kelly McGillis has rediscovered her taste for life, and that is priceless.

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Kelly McGillis (Top Gun): the tragedy that changed her life – X Gossip