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Margot Robbie reveals she didn’t recognize Sebastian Stan when they premiered Me Tonya painting read due to her character’s wardrobe and look. The 2017 biographical drama chronicled the life of figure skater Tonya Harding as she deals with her abusive mother, achieves sports fame and deals with her abusive husband Jeff Gillooly, all leading up to her 1994 attack on her rival. Nancy Kerrigan. Me Tonya takes a metafictional approach to telling Hardy’s story, including documentary-style interviews with the various characters set in modern times and featuring both its titular athlete and Gillooly as unreliable narrators in their own stories.

Alongside Robbie and Stan, the cast of Me Tonya included Allison Janney, Julianne Nicholson, Caitlin Carver, Paul Walter Hauser and Bobby Cannavale. Directed by Craig Gillespie from a screenplay by Steven Rogers, the film was a critical and commercial success upon release, grossing over $53 million against its $11 million production budget and earning three Golden Globe nominations. and at the Oscars, with Janney winning Best Supporting Actress at both. ceremonies. As Me Tonya celebrates its fifth anniversary, the film’s creators look back on their time with the hit film.

In a recent issue of The OfficialMargot Robbie and Sebastian Stan have come together to reflect on their time during Me Tonya together. Robbie revealed that she didn’t recognize Stan when they initially read the painting as he wore a turtleneck and mustache as part of his look for the titular skater’s ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly. Check out what Robbie shared below:

“We met physically during the chemistry reading for me, Tonya, but I had seen your tape before. I don’t know if I told you that, but I didn’t recognize you at all. I think you were wearing a turtleneck and you may have even developed the ‘stache. I remember saying, ‘Wow, this actor is so good, who is this guy? It’s going to be such a find.’ And then I looked at you and I was like, ‘Holy shit, that’s the hot guy from Gossip Girl and those Marvel movies!’”

Stan’s appearance as Jeff Gillooly might not entirely hide the actor for those who love the Marvel Cinematic Universe actor Winter Soldier, but it does speak to his efforts to recreate the look of Harding’s abusive husband. The efforts put in by the hair and makeup teams on the film were received as positively as the stars’ performances, earning BAFTA and Critics Choice Award nominations. Me Tonya would lose the award at both ceremonies to the biopic starring Gary Oldman darkest hourwho also took home the Oscar for Best Makeup and Hairstyling alongside his Best Actor win.

Although he received rave reviews and loved working on the film, Stan recalls feeling mortified to play a real person in Me Tonya given that he had not lived Gillooly’s life and this was the first time he had played such a role. Stan would eventually return to the biographical genre with Hulu’s Pam and Tommy miniseries as Mötley Crüe founding member Tommy Lee, also reuniting with Gillespie, for which he again received rave reviews for his performance, with MCU co-star Anthony Mackie joking he was horrified when he saw his transformation for the first time. The public can review Me Tonya in honor of the film’s fifth anniversary streaming on Hulu now.

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Margot Robbie Didn’t Recognize Sebastian Stan While Reading Table I, Tonya – Nifey