Netflix increases its prices in the United States to $19.99. Soon the turn of France?

Since the beginning of the year, Netflix has displayed an impressive determination to increase its prices. After having shocked its users in Ireland with an evolution of the Premium plan to €20.99/month, Netflix continues this time in the United States. The streaming service has started an email warning campaign to warn of a change in subscription prices.

Netflix, soon at the price of an internet box?

Netflix is ​​aware that its gigantic catalog of films, series and documentaries is a good argument to increase the prices of its subscriptions to the four corners of the world. While less than two weeks ago, Ireland saw yet another price increaseit is the turn of the Americans to be victims of the “madness” of the moment at Netflix.
As the media points out The VergeNetflix has imposed new costs on subscribers who have subscribed for more than a week, it was obviously the first step in the process since now the company takes care of those who are already subscribers.

An email campaign has started for users in the United States, several thousand people have already received an email warning indicating a change in the cost of their subscription from April 17, 2022Here is the content of the email:

The cost of your subscription has changed. This change is effective Sunday, April 17, 2022. You can view your updated membership details by visiting your Account.
We hope you enjoy Netflix, know that we are always adding new series and movies for our members to enjoy.


If there was a time when Netflix protected its Essential package, this era is over since now all subscriptions are increasing:

  • Netflix Essential goes from $8.99 to $9.99
  • Netflix Standard drops from $13.99 to $15.49
  • Netflix Premium drops from $17.99 to $19.99

As usual, Netflix justifies this change in its price list as being a need to invest in original creations and bring ever more content to its subscribers around the world. Against competitors like Disney+ Where Premium Video which offer an offer with 4K and several screens at less than 10 euros/month, it’s a very risky path that Netflix is ​​taking. We still wonder how long subscribers will accept price increases without saying anything.

For now, France is not concerned by the new prices which have been rolled out in several countries since the beginning of the year. There’s a good chance we too will have a price change, it’s likely that Netflix is ​​favoring a rollout at the moment. progressive to see how subscribers react and if the number of terminations is not growing too high.

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Netflix increases its prices in the United States to $19.99. Soon the turn of France?