Nintendo promises to improve its Nintendo Switch Online

We don’t want to jump to hasty and unfortunate conclusions, but like the season, we find it rather cold and gloomy, this end of the year 2021. So yes, the news about Elden Ring will have warmed our hearts, but besides, the numerous postponements, the problems at Ubisoft and Activision Blizzard and the disastrous launch of eFootball 2022 do not really help to put things into perspective. So if we add the treatment that the extension of the Nintendo Switch Online made of some of our fondest player memories, this is the bouquet…

If you are a fan of retroplanning and more particularly of Nintendo and its old machines, you are aware that, recently, the publisher has added to the list of consoles emulated by its Switch the MegaDrive and the Nintendo 64. In itself, this is good news except that these additions are part of an extension of its online offer which inflates the bill to double the initial price. We can console ourselves by noting that the latest Animal Crossing DLC ​​is part of the lot, but the pill is still hard to swallow.

Yes, because on top of an outdated internet architecture largely outdated by the competition and access to a handful of retro games largely served by illegal emulation offers (we don’t advertise there, the editor himself takes care of it with the point which will follow), emulation 64 is at best a shame, at worst an insult. Indeed, the service suffers from many evils that are difficult to pass on a modern console (even on an aging architecture) and even more so after inflating the price of an average service. Starving catalog, bugs, lags, crashes, key placement, etc. The list is long and frankly hurts, finally, especially to those who have paid.

Are you one of these? On the contrary, do you have too much self-esteem to fall into this trap when your desire to play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is eating you up inside? The same for us and it’s all the harder because some Nintendo 64 and MegaDrive games are so good that they deserve to be available to as many players as possible. So, can we hope that Nintendo will do what it takes to make its Nintendo Switch Online offer more interesting? Despite the optimism of his latest position, it remains to be seen…

This position, the publisher shared with us through a report following its last meeting with shareholders. The giant, in addition to returning to the most recent figures for its machine and the direction it wishes to take, returns to the case of its controversial online subscription and reaffirms its desire to continue its efforts to “improve and expand its service to satisfy its customers”with the aim, he says, of strengthening the involvement of players with his brand, his consoles and his services.

Double talk ? Possible, but at the same time, with such a start, there is room for improvement. While the price is unlikely to drop, one would imagine that Nintendo will improve the 64 emulation on its machine (and that will be the least we can do for a company so proud of its heritage). It is also not impossible that the giant will enrich its offer with the emulation of machines like the Gameboy/GBC or GBA, why not even the GameCube or the Wii or, coming from other manufacturers, the Game Gear and the NeoGeo . After all, these machines have already appeared at Big N.

And, let’s see further, why not imagine that the offer ends up offering exclusive games to its premium service, offers and discounts limited to subscribers on a selection of games each month, even access at no additional cost to a series DLC for available or future games (copying what the publisher is already doing with the latest Animal Crossing DLC)? Finally, after all that, there are still chances that Nintendo will only expand the stock of playable games through its offer.


Would such options make the offer more attractive to you? Have you ever succumbed to the charms of the expansion pack of the Nintendo Switch Online ? If not, what would you like Nintendo to do? Would any of our options help you invest and put your money into it? Share your opinion in the comments. Note that the standard offer of Nintendo’s online service would have attracted more than 32 million players to date (according to figures shared in the report and including the maximum number of accounts included in family formulas).

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Nintendo promises to improve its Nintendo Switch Online