Olivia Colman’s Untold Story and How She Became One of Hollywood’s Top Actresses


Olivia Colman turns 48 amid professional success and a burgeoning career. Learn all about the actress who triumphs in the world and not only for her role in The crown.

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With a sober and sophisticated style in front of and behind the cameras Olivia Colman He’s a character like no other. Actress by choice and emblematic by her career, this January 30, 2022 celebrates 48 years today in the midst of professional success and a career that continues to rise. Known worldwide thanks to her role as Queen Elizabeth II in the third season of The crownhas a long career that has positioned her as one of Hollywood’s finest entertainers.

of British descent, Olivia Colman He grew up in Norflok, a county in England near the sea and ruled by rain and tides. In this city in the north of the country, he spent his school years and also opted for the performing arts. For this reason, to continue his passion, he studied at Cambridge University Footlights and then started a career that seems unbreakable and growing every day.

Colman’s fame rose in the early 2000s through well-known and memorable British television series such as Tower Yes peep show, the two comedy shows where he shone. However, worldwide recognition will come a few years later thanks to his participation in the drama Redemption where it received critical acclaim. This film, created in 2011, was a complete success and brought the actress such awards as the British Independent Film Award for Best Actress.

And, after a while, came the second recognition thanks to his role in widechurch for which she won the BAFTA for Best Leading Actress. But, his global star positioning was due to his role in The favourite, a 2018 film in which she played Anne of Britain. In this role, Olivia played an insecure and childish queen that led to her winning her first Academy Award for Best Actress.

But, years later, she continues with the monarchy and succeeds Claire Foy as interpreter of Queen Elizabeth II in the third season of The crown. This role consolidated her as one of the best actresses of the decade and, in addition, it was the one with which she won her first Golden Globe for best dramatic performance. Undoubtedly, an international success that will continue to grow thanks to her impeccable work and, as director Phoebe Waller Bridge said, “everyone gets better when they act with it”.

However, Olivia Colman It’s not just about actresses and professional success. Well, her personal life is also marked by joy. A mother of three, she is married to Ed Sinclair whom she has been dating since 1993 when she had not yet achieved her goal and worked cleaning houses, a job she is still very proud of. Empowered in every role, in every appearance and in every moment she has to shine, she is, without a doubt, one of the Hollywood stars who has everything to become a legend.

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Olivia Colman’s Untold Story and How She Became One of Hollywood’s Top Actresses