OlliOlli World: a close and firm release date for this sparkling new skate game

Recently acquired by Private Division, who had already planned to publish his next title, Roll7 is therefore preparing to go out with his new owner a certain OlliOlli World. This new episode of the series of skate games will shake up its codes by offering an approach between sliding and platforms in the more open and colorful environments of Radlandia. The goal, however, will always be to chain the tricks in style, while exploring a rich world filled with side quests and collectibles.

OlliOlli World was expected in Q1 2022, but we were waiting for a specific release date. It was given during theIndie world of the day: it will be for February 8, 2022 on PC, PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Any pre-order will be rewarded with a cosmetic bonus pack, including a Mask of the Hero of Not a Hero.

Ride through the vibrant world of Radlandia alongside colorful characters, and chain together grinds and tricks to try and approach the gods of skateboarding on your quest to Gnarvana.

Travel through a world as strange as it is wonderful, taking on challenges and completing missions, and make new friends along the way. Customize your character’s outfits, tricks and style and discover levels filled with different paths that will allow you to express yourself to the fullest. Challenge the rest of the world in Leagues mode or compete against a friend around your best tricks in one of the millions of shareable levels available. Enjoy all the accessibility, depth and freedom that the inimitable gameplay of OlliOlli World gives you.

OlliOlli World is the third installment in the world-acclaimed OlliOlli series developed by Roll7, an independent studio awarded at the BAFTAs and winner of numerous awards.

Characteristics :

  • Welcome to Radlandia ! Explore this lush skateboarding paradise populated by eccentric characters and visit the most unusual places. Grind the Inflatable Alley or blast through Los Vulgas in search of new passages, side quests, awesome rewards and memorable trick opportunities, all on a compilation of carefully crafted IDM and Electronica tracks. selected.
  • Play at your level : Ultra-precise controls and sophisticated gameplay ensure smooth progression. Are you a beginner? No problem, OlliOlli World welcomes you with open arms, and allows new players to hit the streets and pull off crazy method grabs without fear of kissing the asphalt. Do you think you’re up to it? Achieve full mastery through millions of levels in Sandbox Mode or face off against rivals from around the world in Leagues Mode via an extensive combo system of over 100 moves to master and combine to earn the top spot.
  • Freedom of expression : Ride in this board paradise that is Radlandia and prove yourself to unlock special rewards that will allow you to customize your character’s outfits, tricks and style. Want to skate in flip flops? No problem. Are you comfortable in bee pajamas? OK … we don’t judge. In OlliOlli World, as long as you are on a board, everything is fine!

Reservations are not yet open, but OlliOlli – Epic Combo Edition is available from € 21.99 on Amazon.com.

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OlliOlli World: a close and firm release date for this sparkling new skate game