Our tech and geek gift ideas for less than 20 euros

Are you looking for a tech gift idea for a budget below 20 euros and you can not find the rare pearl? We have selected various products for you at a lower cost in order to support you in this task.

Our tech and geek gift ideas for less than 20 euros

To find a gift for less than 20 euros, you sometimes have to deploy treasures of the imagination. In order to avoid this intellectual gymnastics a few days before Christmas, discover some ideas for a small budget. The goal is to please your loved ones without breaking the bank.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5

Our tech and geek gift ideas for less than 20 euros

The connected bracelet from Xiaomi is the perfect product for geeks. This Mi Smart Band 5 is a compendium of technologies on the wrist to monitor your daily performance. Thanks to its sober but efficient construction, it will be able to adapt to all situations.

Once connected to the smartphone via the Mi Fit application, you will have a very precise report of your heart rate, your calories expended or more simply the quality of your sleep. If athletes appreciate its complete monitoring, others will simply prefer its very comfortable autonomy capable of making the Mi Smart Band 5 last for two weeks.

The strengths of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5

  • Comfortable design
  • Its complete activity monitoring
  • 15-day autonomy

Hades on PS4, PS5 and Xbox One

Our tech and geek gift ideas for less than 20 euros

Arrived in 2021 on PlayStation and Xbox, the video game Hades is one of the sure values ​​in the current gaming world. The title developed by Supergiant Games has collected numerous awards, including the Bafta 2021 for best game.

In this rogue-lite, you play as Zagreus, son of Hades, god of the underworld. You will try several times to escape the deadly traps of the kingdom of the dead where it will be necessary to tame the Grim Reaper to achieve your ends. You will need to be patient and resilient in this reinterpretation of Greek mythology. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to introduce this nugget of video games.

The forces of Hades

  • His splendid artistic direction
  • Balanced, but demanding gameplay
  • Controlled progression

A 128 GB SanDisk Micro SD card

Our tech and geek gift ideas for less than 20 euros

Among the tech bargains for less than 20 euros, choose the Micro SD card. An accessory too often underestimated, but always essential for emergency storage. The SanDisk 128 GB Micro SD card allows you to expand the memory of your smartphone or camera. You can also place it on your Nintendo Switch to install your future games.

SanDisk’s Ultra line relies on the versatility of its products. This Micro SD card also has an A1 certification offering a constant write speed of 10 MB / s. Its internal memory will make it an essential ally at less than 20 euros in addition to another high-performance tech device.

The strengths of the SanDisk Micro SD

  • Its compatibility with several products
  • A write speed of 10 MB / s
  • Its storage capacity of 128 GB

The Logitech M185 wireless mouse

Our tech and geek gift ideas for less than 20 euros

Finding a mouse for less than 20 euros is not easy. However, the Logitech M185 meets all your expectations. It is compatible with both Windows PC and Mac. At this price, it has a long battery life of 12 months as well as immediate ease of use.

Its different colors as well as its ideal shape for both left-handed and right-handed people make it a popular product. You have your choice of blue, red, gray and black version. Just plug in the little one dongle USB to enjoy it instantly. Finally, it benefits from Logitech optical tracking technology to track your every move.

The strengths of the Logitech M185 wireless mouse

  • 12 months autonomy
  • Its ease of use
  • Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS compatibility

The wireless Trust Ymo wireless keyboard

Our tech and geek gift ideas for less than 20 euros

Using a keyboard to control your TV is no longer an anomaly these days. The Trust Ymo keyboard allows you to do this kind of novelty. With the help of the in-house software, you will have in your hands what to control each of the desired connected devices.

The keypad offers full control of the product to which you are connected. So you can manage the sound directly without the slightest effort. It gives you a range of 10 meters. An ideal product to manage both your computer, your television, or any compatible TV box that would be connected to it thanks to the dongle put in place.

The strengths of the Trust Ymo keyboard

  • Its solid and ergonomic construction
  • Efficient personalization software
  • Its exceptional autonomy

Anmossi LED tape

Our tech and geek gift ideas for less than 20 euros

New technologies also make it possible to control the decoration of your home. The smart Anmossi LED ribbon with remote control allows you to decorate the room of your choice. You have 5 meters in length to give a new atmosphere to your bedroom, your living room or even your office.

The major advantage of this product is that it can control all of the light. It is possible to manage light, colors and even synchronize the product with a smart music mode.

The strengths of Anmossi LED tape

  • Very easy installation
  • Full control of brightness and colors
  • The change of atmosphere of your room

The Philips Hue connected bulb 7 W

Our tech and geek gift ideas for less than 20 euros

Always for the interior of a home, connected bulbs abound on e-commerce sites. The Philips brand is a leader in this area with its Hue range. The B22X1 connected filament bulb delivers a warm light to enhance the atmosphere of a specific room.

This bulb can connect to all the others already installed in your house. Once the application is set up, it is possible to turn them on by the sound of your voice alone or through scenarios. The goal is to create an atmosphere corresponding to your needs.

The strengths of Philips Hue

  • A maximum power of 7 W
  • The warm white light emitted
  • A simple connection to set up

The Amazon Echo Dot 3 connected speaker

Our tech and geek gift ideas for less than 20 euros

The arrival of voice assistants has allowed the emergence of compatible connected speakers. This is the case with the Amazon Echo Dot 3. It integrates Amazon Alexa, allowing you to call on the latter so that it can respond to your requests. It is thus possible to play music or control your connected bulbs and other home automation devices.

The connected speaker works thanks to an AC outlet that just needs to be plugged in. With the Alexa app compatible Android and iOS, it is possible to be linked to your smartphone for better control. It is even possible to use multiple speakers to provide full sound.

Amazon Echo Dot 3 strengths

  • Android and iOS compatibility
  • High quality materials
  • Better sound capture

A Game Boy thermal mug

Our tech and geek gift ideas for less than 20 euros

A mug is often seen as an impersonal gift idea. However with this Game Boy mug from Paladone, you will awaken moments of nostalgia for the person who will be lucky enough to receive the present.

The product taking the features of the Game Boy, is activated in contact with heat. It suffices for a hot drink to enter it, for the console to “turn on” and give a display that smells of the titles of the time. With a 300ml container, it comes in a perfect gift box. Be careful not to put it in the dishwasher.

The Game Boy thermal mug at a glance

  • A design filled with nostalgia
  • The perfect gift idea for Christmas

Anker charger compatible with iPhone, Samsung and Google

Anker charger

The Anker brand offers fast chargers compatible with high-end devices. The AC outlet delivers 20W of power through a USB-C port. It works just as well with a USB to Lightning cable for iPhone as it does with a USB to USB for all other devices. Besides smartphones, it can even be used to charge your wireless headphones.

This is a GaN charger. This means that it produces less heat and comes in a compact form. Be careful, because this model, despite its displayed versatility, is not compatible with a Nintendo Switch or even a laptop PC, which will require more power.

The Anker PowerPort III charger at a glance

  • Compatibility with Apple and Android smartphones
  • 20 W charging power
  • Its 18-month warranty

The TP Link N300 WiFi repeater

Our tech and geek gift ideas for less than 20 euros

The popularization of teleworking has also awakened new uses in the tech world. For Christmas, it is possible to invest in a WiFi repeater from the TP-Link brand. This will allow you to have an excellent wireless network connection anywhere in your home for both work and online gaming.

The TP-Link N300 has an Ethernet port to plug into your internet box. Note that the product is compatible with all internet boxes and covers an area of ​​90 m² in total. Once the connections are made, you can enjoy an optimal connection everywhere.

The strengths of TP-Link

  • Compatible with all internet boxes
  • Covers up to 90 m²
  • Works on Windows, Mac and Linux

A 15 euros Fnac gift card

Our tech and geek gift ideas for less than 20 euros

If ever, despite our best efforts, nothing manages to convince you, there is still a solution. For several years, e-commerce sites have offered to offer gift cards with a starting value of 15 euros. A quick and easy gift since a code is immediately issued to you.

You still have access to a varied choice. It is possible to offer 15 euros of purchase on the App Store and the Play Store. The other alternative is to offer an Fnac e-gift card so that the person can spend it as they wish.

The strengths of an Fnac gift card

  • An immediate gift
  • A varied choice of gift cards

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Our tech and geek gift ideas for less than 20 euros