Paranormal action-adventure game Control gets a sequel

Looking to the future: Control 2 is the sequel to the game that put the “paranormal” into the action-adventure genre three years ago. Formerly known as Codename Heron, the new action-packed experience will eventually come to PC and consoles.

After confirming the franchise expansion last year, Remedy Entertainment has officially announced the development of a new Control game. Control 2 will be co-developed with Italian publisher 505 Games and judging by the funding involved, there will be a lot more supernatural enemies and buildings for players to destroy.

Control is a paranormal-themed action-adventure game released in 2019, a new franchise from a company previously known for games like Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Quantum Break. It was a smash hit for Remedy, giving players an eerie experience in a world full of supernatural phenomena and mystery. You play as a charismatic heroine named Jesse Faden who finds herself trapped in this same world after being named the new Director of the Federal Bureau of Control.

Control 2 will be developed in partnership with 505 Games (a subsidiary of Digital Bros Group) with an “initial” budget of €50 million (nearly $52 million). The first game’s budget was only €30 million, so the company is dealing with a full-scale triple-A action game. The game will be released on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, and it will use the company’s proprietary graphics engine known as Northlight.

The engine was first used for the aforementioned Quantum Break, then refined for the stock control. The latter is known to be a true technological marvel, a “PC-first” production designed to showcase the latest graphic innovations including ray tracing lighting. The control is indeed considered to be one of the first real “killer applications” for ray tracing compatible hardware like Nvidia’s Ampere GPUs.

Development, marketing, and post-launch investments for Control 2 will be split equally between 505 Games and Remedy, as will future net revenues. Remedy will publish the game on PC, while 505 Games will handle the console side of the business.

Since 2019, Control has been nominated for 11 BAFTA Game Awards and received more than 20 Game of the Year awards. Another game from the Control universe (Codename Condor) is still a mystery in addition to its cooperative multiplayer focus.

Control 2 is currently in its design phase, so the development process will take a bit longer with no announced launch window. According to Digital Bros Group/505 Games co-CEOs Abramo and Raffaele Galante, Control was the company’s biggest investment ever. The gaming community has made Control “an enduring and beloved game,” so 505 Games is even more excited to bring Control 2 to market.

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Paranormal action-adventure game Control gets a sequel