PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X – A year later, which console to choose?

In the PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X arena, it’s a battle of specs, games, and price. More than a year after their release, the battle between the consoles remains fierce. Both machines are gaining in features and games as this latest generation gains momentum. But if you can only choose one, you will surely want to know which one is best for you.

PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X: Price

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X both cost $500€ each. Since the two systems are very similar, this category might seem like a tie at first glance. However, the standard PS5 and Xbox Series X aren’t the only versions available. There’s also the €400 PS5 Digital Edition and the Xbox Series S at 300 €.

The PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition are identical except for a 4K Blu-ray physical disc drive in the former. The second does not have a disk drive, as its name suggests. Otherwise, if you want to play your favorite games, consider download vpn for playstation in order to enjoy more security and an impressive download speed. On the other hand, the Xbox Series S has significantly different hardware from the Xbox Series X: a less powerful GPU, a smaller SSD, less RAM, etc.

PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X: Games catalog

PS5 and Xbox Series X take a fundamentally different approach to game libraries. Xbox Series X assumes you’ll pick up the same games you left on Xbox One, and you’ll want optimized performance for all your favorite games. The PS5, meanwhile, has a slew of exclusive titles launching alongside its new console – although most of them are also available on the PS4, to be honest.

Right now, it’s hard to deny that the PS5 has the most interesting selection of games. As for original titles, the PS5 launched with Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and the surprisingly delicious Astro’s Playroom.

PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X: Design

In most cases, liking the design of a console is a matter of personal preference. But our preference goes to the PS5. On the Xbox side, not only is the system ridiculously large, but it’s also difficult to go from vertical to horizontal configuration, and the standard version has an ugly asymmetrical design. The front side is prone to fingerprints; the “power” and “disc eject” buttons are indistinguishable.

PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X: Controller

The Xbox Series X controller is another area where the Xbox Series X plays it safe, to its credit. The Xbox Series X controller is nearly identical to the Xbox One, except for textured grips and shoulder buttons, an improved D-pad, and a new “share” button in the center.

It’s a smart update for one of the best controllers ever made. However, the fact that it runs on AA batteries instead of a built-in rechargeable unit seems archaic, and imposes a significant cost on the end user whether they choose to purchase AA batteries or rechargeable packs.

The PS5 DualSense, meanwhile, deviates significantly from the DualShock 4, with a two-tone color scheme and much larger grips. It also adds a whole host of new features: extremely sensitive haptic feedback and a built-in microphone, among others. The haptic feedback is impressive, mimicking the feel of objects rolling around in a box or putting up realistic resistance when you pull a trigger. However, the DualSense still has a ton of wasted space (especially in the touchpad), and the haptics have the potential to pull you out of the game as much as it immerses you in it. On the other hand, if you think about the PS5 DualSense vs DualShock 4 debate, the new controller wins for its innovation alone.

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PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X – A year later, which console to choose?