Pokémon Unite – The magic of Christmas comes to the battle arenas

That’s it, we no longer need to go out or look at our calendar to realize it: Christmas and the end of year celebrations are upon us. The simple fact of turning on the television and seeing chocolate ads, toy ads and medium-length films (often average in quality too) on the theme of ugly sweaters, magic and dry ice gives more information. than opening the shutters. Anxiety, what. Finally, if ever it’s the kind of atmosphere that puts you in a good mood and you have no one to share it with (confined or not), know that you should be able to do it online with Pokemon Unite.

In a few days, it should also smell like a tree in the MOBA in Pokémon colors. For a month, from December 15 to January 16 precisely, the application resulting from the partnership between the Pokémon Company and the Chinese giant Tencent will put on the colors of the season, juggling between the cold and pure colors of winter and the warmer colors. of the bearded man who showers good children with gifts. It is therefore with a new makeup that fans will find the game from the 15th and critters to accompany the changes (like Cerfrousse which will replace Frison) and garlands in the trees.

Don’t worry, that’s not all. The season being the season of gifts (and spending sprees), Pokemon Unite will reflect the moment by adding new things to offer to its shop. Already, because it’s always nice to have new characters to play, while Sucreine has just joined the game, we are told that from December 20, Dracolosse will do the same. Both the versatile monster and the beautiful plant will be available for free until January. From then on, you will have to buy the license associated with each animal.

You can also get your hands on your wallet to acquire a whole lot of cosmetic items for your avatar, your profile picture (like stickers and other superfluous bonuses that are therefore essential) and of course Holo-Costumes for some of your favorite monsters like Pikachu or Snorlax. The others will be able to content themselves with a nice Christmas hat. Finally, they are nice (and given the price of some Holo-Costumes, they can afford it), you will not necessarily have to put your hand in your wallet to pocket a selection of objects.

Indeed, from December 24 to January 1, each day will allow you to pocket odds and ends such as Aeos Coins, Holo-Suits Tickets or temporary permits in particular. It’s not the Advent calendar, but it’s still free. Do you prefer to deserve your gifts? Pokemon Unite will invite you to take part in challenges like the photo challenge or the lights challenge. To participate in the first, you just need to participate in online games. By doing this, you will get flakes allowing you to clean up a photo. Once cleared, you can pocket the displayed item. The other set of challenges encourages you to complete missions. You can get your hands on light that will be used to illuminate a tree and pocket customization elements.

Finally, it is impossible to leave us without talking about the new combat mode, exclusive to this season. In these four-on-four fights, knocked out players will be temporarily transformed into snowmen, which will consequently force them to stand still in the middle of the arena. Attacking in this form will do nothing more than encourage players into combat. It will also be an opportunity for seasonal monsters to appear like Artikodin which will kick Seracrawl or even Cadoizo. Taking the Delivery Pokémon out of action will temporarily change your monster’s equipped item to one of the nine battle items available in the game (selected randomly). This mode will only exist in Pergeliville.

Pokéfans craving a challenge (especially in 4G remakes) should find everything they’re looking for in Pokemon Unite during the holidays and maybe even more! Now, if they could also improve the algorithm that forms the teams, that would be nice too…

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Pokémon Unite – The magic of Christmas comes to the battle arenas