Siobhan Redmond: “Queens of Mystery is an adorable cocktail of comedy and mystery”

Acorn tv just released a new mystery series that really promises. It is Queens of mystery, created by Julien Thank you, and which follows the story of a 28-year-old detective named Pierre Mathilde. The young woman has just graduated and is returning to her hometown of Wildemarsh to serve and it is there that she comes up against a very difficult case to resolve. But her three intrepid writer aunts, moreover, will help her discreetly so that she can find the real culprit.

The stars of the series Olivia Vinall, Sarah Woodward, Julie Graham and Siobhan Redmond, with whom we had the opportunity to talk all about her character Jane and, of course, she told us why you can’t miss this great series of intrigues with a good touch of comedy and fun.

Siobhan redmond She is originally from a small town in Glasgow, Scotland, and her acting career has a long history. Possessing great charisma, the performer is best known for her roles in the theater. Indeed, her talent and her prestige in the field led her to be part of the Shakespeare’s Royal Company. However, Redmond enjoys various roles on television as well. One of them was Detective Maureen Conell for the iconic British series Between the lines, nominated for Bafta Prize.

Almost 30 years later, the actress faces a new challenge in a series of a similar genre, although this time she is putting herself in the shoes of Jane Stone, a very logical and structured novelist. There is something about his role Sherlock holmes, but it also adds a sweet and friendly tone. Here he tells us what caught his attention the most about this role and the series, of course.

How did you come to Queens of Mystery and what were the most appealing elements for you to say “okay, I’m interested”?

As usual with the actors, my agent sent me an email telling me that there would be an audition for this show. And I read the script and thought it was really amazing because there were so many people over 40, but that wasn’t the point of the show. Now you are very young and you might not have been through this yet, but as I get older in my profession, it is quite rare to see several women my age on a show. Maybe there is one at a time, very occasionally you are allowed to bring a friend over to talk to someone.

So it’s a show that has a ton of people, not just over 40, but it’s one of the things that caught my eye the most. And then I thought it was a nice cocktail of comedy and mystery, I mean, everyone loves it and so do I. And I thought it sounded really funny. I especially liked the character they are going to see me play. I fully understand what it’s like to be a person who maybe has a high level of vocabulary, but is totally useless in the real world. Because that’s how I am too. I always stumble on things, I never find anything, my relationship with the physical world is not the best… but I can do crossword puzzles.

Do you think Queens of Mystery is anything different from other mystery series?

I think the mix of comedy and mystery is quite unique to Queens of Mystery. It belongs to something that can be called “cozy crime”, of course, it is not cozy, but it is called that. It means that you can work the mystery, but you can love other things. And I think the way we like it here, I think it got my attention. And it also reflects something that reminded me of my own childhood. My mother was the second of 6 children and she had 4 sisters and I have spent all my life surrounded by aunts. The world of aunts is something that many people understand in different parts of the world.

And speaking of the sisters, how did the family dynamic work with Julie and Sarah on the set?

Well we were very lucky. I know we often say “we love each other, we liked working together”, well, and maybe that’s not always the case. But in this case, it happened. They are 5 years younger than me and I have known them both a little for a few years. Sarah and I were in the same place, in the same theater but in different rooms. So we share the same locker room and I have always loved his job. And Julie, I knew her a little because we are from the same place, Great Britain, Scotland. And we work together, but again, I always loved what he did and the truth is, the three of us loved it and we enjoyed spending time together. What’s interesting about season two is that a new family body language develops where we don’t need to speak, it just happens. Suddenly we see three girls trying to find something and it’s not that on set we talked about it, we just did it. And it was not only a pleasure but also a privilege, they are incredible actresses and the truth is that I am very happy to have had their company.

And speaking of your character Jane Stone, she seems to be the most organized and structured of the sisters. I wanted to know how you prepared it and if you were able to improvise on set at any point.

Yes, we did some improvisation sometimes, but most of the time not. Most were in the script. But sometimes they would leave us like ‘okay, end up a different way or Julie will say something else or we’ll just leave her there’ or we would look at Sarah because she likes the point… well, she wouldn’t agree with us. , she made this face and we were going with that. It was pretty straightforward. Jane is… well, I understood a lot about Jane. She is more comfortable living in her head than in her body. Jane’s body, she carries it from side to side. You won’t necessarily find Jane at night dancing at a party, well, she can surprise herself. But the truth is, she likes being home with a book more. And I understand that. So somehow I didn’t have to do a lot of prep, of course. And Jane has a bookstore and she lives surrounded by books and that’s exactly my idea of ​​heaven, absolutely heaven. And I loved filming in the bookstore because I could spend my time looking at the different books because it’s a real bookstore.

In history, detective shows have been more linked to male characters. And here in Queens of Mystery we have a cast with women, something that confirms to me that this is something that is changing. But what do you think?

Yes I agree with you. Let me see if I understood correctly. There is a sort of idea, which is not expressed too much in the series, which is that 3 aunts, each of them represents different types of detectives that we know from other movies and books. So Beth is like Miss Marple from Agatha Christie’s books. She has a great intuition about what happens to people. And Cat is like ’40s Philip Marlowe, smoldering, quick responses, a typical film noir sleuth. And Jane is like Sherlock Holmes. It comes to conclusions through a process, let’s say it’s a more intellectual process, more or less. And Mathilde is the perfect combination of all of these things.

You play Jane here, but you were a detective in Between the Lines. Did you put something of this role in this series?

That was a long time ago, 30 years now, but I think what they have in common is that they have the same sense of family, maybe not blood family, but this family that we form with professional ties, with most of your colleagues. They therefore have a great sense of their environment and loyalty. Both have the ability to take a step back and look at things from a different perspective. I can tell that is not a feature he has. A lot of times I can’t look at it that way, because I do it very strongly.

Why do you think people should watch Queens of Mystery? What will you find in this series?

I think you’ll find some very warm, funny characters, and soon you’ll recognize them doing things they maybe weren’t expecting. And, in addition, the mystery will have to be solved.

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Siobhan Redmond: “Queens of Mystery is an adorable cocktail of comedy and mystery”