The Devil in Me: We know the release date and we were able to learn a lot more about the horror game

Recently at work on the successor to Until Dawn with The Quarrythe studio Supermassive Gamesmade up of more than 300 talents, is producing at a breakneck pace a number of independent cinematic horror experiences in the collection titled The Dark Pictures Anthology.

Supermassive Games, which was acquired in mid-July by Nordisk Games (already owner of studios like MercurySteam behind Metroid Dread or even Avalanche Studios, the parents of the saga JustCause), seems sure of its formula and does not intend to stop there.

After Man of Medan (2019), Little Hope (2020) and House of Ashes (2021) all three of us having left us wanting more because of weaknesses in the proposed experience, we were able to see more and learn a lot more about the next part of the collection. Tea Devil in Me, presented several months ago now and which does not hide its inspirations from horror films like the saga Sawor classic movies like shining, Halloween and Friday 13, let himself be approached during a 30-minute online presentation, offered by Bandai Namco, which publishes the game.

A complete presentation, you will see, which allows us to get a much more precise idea of ​​what awaits us for this month of November, since the studio has just released the release date of the game: The Devil in Me is now expected for November 18 next on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

A reservation for one night or forever?

During this presentation, we were able to learn a lot of details about the historical context and the personalities of the characters who will punctuate this new adventure. The Devil in Me will take place in our contemporary era to consult the heritage of a certain Herman Mudgett, born in 1861. If this name means nothing to you, it is because our man changed his name when settling in Chicago in 1886 after his medical studies, to take that of Dr. Henry Howard Holmes more ominously known by the acronym HH Holmes.

Following his arrival, the man built a brand new hotel, that of World Expo, from the name of the planetary event present on site that year. A huge building on 3 floors, with refined decoration, but which will be the scene of several dozen murders. Indeed, all the ephemeral inhabitants of this morbid hotel have never emerged from the walls, and must have perished in troubling circumstances.

This “Castle of Murder” as it was described was actually full of secret corridors, basement booby traps and other deadly devices. After his trial condemning him to death, the man would have even asked to be buried in concrete to be certain that even his spirit does not come back to do harm afterwards… HH Holmes being finally the first real serial killer in America , his name remains known, so that some might be tempted to imitate him to pay him a bloody tribute.

Well, if we were going to lock ourselves in this sinister building?

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We are used to having short adventures in The Dark Pictures Anthology, stories inspired by myths and legends with a paranormal touch most of the time. The main difference that will give us The Devil in Me consists of the idea that everything will be much more down to earth, with facts inspired by a famous character in contemporary places and in real context.

We follow a team of documentarians, in search of a future subject for their new report. While all ideas and research remain at a standstill and funding seems close to nil, an opportunity presents itself to them. They receive a call from a mysterious man, Granthem Du’Meta wealthy collector and architect, having recovered a family building being a very close replica of HH Holmes’s death hotel still very little known in its internal structure.

A godsend for these journalists who see there pointing the beginning of glory. Our heroes accept the mission to come and visit, film and make discover this place exclusively, on an isolated island, without a mobile phone for reasons of confidentiality (let’s go). Our characters are also 5 in number and will benefit from a special ability linked to an object:

  • Kate Wilder is played by Jessie Buckley (Fargo, Chernobyl, The Lost Daughter) nominated for an Oscar and a BAFTA in the category of Best Supporting Actress. This presenter of documentaries, shy and introverted, sees here the opportunity to take off her career definitively. She will hold a pencil to highlight words, clues and codes on the playing field.
  • Mark Nestor is Kate’s ex. He is the cameraman of the show and his relationship with the presenter may complicate certain key moments of the adventure. He will be in possession of a camera to film evidence of previous murders.
  • Jamie Teirgan is a sarcastic person, in charge of the light on set and loves electricity. She will be able to handle a multimeter, which is particularly useful for repairing electrical circuits.
  • Charlie Lonnit is a British director of the show at the head of the company Lonnit Entertainment. He is obsessed with the content he wants to get for his show, which may put him in difficulty with his peers. He can use his business card to open inaccessible drawers and why not find new clues.
  • Erin Keenan is a trainee who recently joined the film crew. Very interested in sound recordings, Charlie will rather use it as a minion and ask him to do the accounting or tasks for himself. She can count on her directional microphone to listen through the walls of the macabre hotel.

A team presented as united, but with its flaws, which it will be easy to divide, although it is all down to our choices and actions. The opportunity for Tom Heaton to present for the first time the playful novelties which will come to renew on their scale the experience already strongly tested by the other opuses.

Revamped and refined gameplay for the occasion

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Note that these objects may be lost or destroyed following various decisions or decisive sequences, which could endanger the lives of our characters or even the discovery of important clues. Because yes, the trip will not be easy and our heroes will be confronted despite themselves with a harsh reality: they themselves are trapped by the building, filled with corridors, nooks, ghost walls, traps and other basements, and feel constantly observed, so much so that they themselves think they are the “stars” of a show directed by who knows who.

The game producer took the opportunity to declare his thanks to the players and fans of previous games whose feedback was appreciated and listened to for this new iteration supposed to close the first season of The Dark Pictures Anthology. The proof is that the life of the adventure has been extended for this new opus: while the previous games only lasted 4 to 5 hours to the chagrin of the players, The Devil in Me promises a story that keeps us in suspense for about 7h.

In The Devil in Meour characters will be able, in addition to walking, running and observing their environment, to skip over small obstacles, crossing ravines on beams or fallen trees, jumping small holes, hiding, climb, pull or push crates to create passages etc. for ever more interaction with the hotel environment. Our characters will now have an inventory and will have to solve puzzles that can use their tools or even keys to pick up in the field.

Alright, Funny Spa

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Following this formal presentation, we were able to see a long sequence of 15 minute gameplayperfect to put us in the mood, and it must be said, it seems to work like thunder.

Imagine the situation: your team is now separated and two people seem to have disappeared under strange circumstances. As you search the premises, you land in the old disused Spa Collumbus which was being renovated. Unfortunately, the members of the site staff also disappeared and never came out of the building. The atmosphere of the place is gloomy as you wish, especially since a strange character does not hesitate to watch our actions in nice phoned jump scares.

You then come across bodies of abused people for the most part and all carrying a card from a construction company: it seems that these are the workers who have come to rehabilitate the premises and that does not inspire anything worthwhile. As our heroes enter a room and force the door open, a gate closes behind them and they fall into a hole, forcing them to look for another way out. With keys found on the ground and doors broken down, our friends reach an area where two of our acolytes are each locked in a room.

The remaining friends then find themselves faced with a moral choice, which is the salt of Supermassive Games productions: which person to deprive of oxygen and which to save? In our cinematic, the characters made the choice to deprive Erin of oxygen allowing Kate to come out alive…for now.

An atrocious sequence which reinforces all the more the horrific aspect and close to the Saw, which promises beautiful games in perspective. Did the accomplices really have to choose where a solution was possible to save them both? Such is the salt of this type of production where we are promised that all characters can survive or die depending on our choices, and that the deaths will be the most atrocious and sordid that the series has known. There’s just !

As a reminder, The Devil in Me will be released on November 18 on PC and consoles (except the Nintendo Switch) at price of 39.99€. You can already pre-order the game, knowing that the collector’s editioncomposed among other things of a map of the hotel and a Animatronic 11cm high, is available on the Bandai Namco Store for the modest sum of €79.99. Finally, it should be noted that the game can be played with 5 players locally or with 2 players online for more conviviality.

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The Devil in Me: We know the release date and we were able to learn a lot more about the horror game