The Quarry’s studio head says next game is in development, ‘still classic horror’

Speaking to VGC, Supermassive Games Studio Head Will Byles revealed that the studio’s next big horror title is already in development.

Watch the trailer for The Dark Pictures Anthology’s latest installment and Supermassive’s latest game, here.

Supermassive Games rose to fame for Until Dawn, even winning a BAFTA award for the story-driven slasher game. Then came The Dark Pictures Anthology, a series of short, episodic narrative horror tales that players can jump into.

The most recent, however, was The Quarry; another full-fledged teen slasher in cinematic game form, well worth the 4/5 we gave it in our review.

Speaking of what’s next for the studio – aside from The Dark Pictures Anthology’s next installment, The Devil in Me – Will Byles shared with VGC that the team has begun work on the next big game for the studio.

“I can’t really tell you much about it, but we started. Again, it’s the same kind of horror genre, we’re sticking with it. It’s the size equivalent of The Quarry…and that’s about all I can say without giving too much away.

Byles continues, “Potentially we could be a bit like… I don’t know how much further we can stretch the teenage horror, because especially when we try to stoke it, the number of surprises you can add to it becomes limited”.

“The Dark Pictures explores hundreds of variations of the horror genre. What we’re looking at now, and I can’t tell you exactly what it is, is a bit of a diversion away from that kind of norm, but it’s still classic horror.

While we’ll have to wait for further details on what the next spiritual successor to Until Dawn and The Quarry might be, Byles’ comments hint at a slight departure from the current Supermassive formula of charming yet terrifying teenage slashers. What do you think that might entail?

Additionally, when asked by VGC how long fans have been waiting for the next game, Byles said the wait should be much shorter than the seven-year wait there was between Until Dawn and The Quarry. “It will be 2025, or maybe 2026,” Byles explained.

If you can’t wait until 2025 or 2026 for your next Supermassive Games patch, the launch of the latest addition to The Dark Pictures Anthology – The Devil in Me – is just around the corner, arriving on November 18 this year. In a recent chat with game director Tom Heaton, we learned a bit more about what fans should expect from the game.

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The Quarry’s studio head says next game is in development, ‘still classic horror’