The Shahira Lasheen house: the winning choice of haute couture embroidery

PARIS: A pioneer, the Shahira Lasheen house is the symbol of the high degree of dynamism and creativity present in Egypt in the field of fashion. The company has been able to create and develop a unique identity appreciated by a prestigious clientele like the royal families of the Gulf.

Femininity as a signature

The Shahira Lasheen house was founded in 2015. It is above all a family story. Shahira Lasheen’s relationship with fashion began when she started designing her own knitwear at the age of 14 through her mother and grandmother. After studying mechanical engineering, Shahira Lasheen decided to devote herself completely to fashion. She is the founder as well as the creative director of the eponymous house. His brother Ahmad Lasheen and his sister Sarah are the co-founders of the brand. While Ahmad, whose qualities as a photographer deserve to be noted, is the brand’s CEO, Sarah, also known in the fashion world in the Arab world, is the design director.

Behind the scenes. Photo Ahmad Lasheen

It’s a winning choice. The Shahira Lasheen house has distinguished itself through the use of hand embroidery. This meticulous work highlights and highlights the hand-woven patterns. The two pillars of the brand’s identity are “Arab roots” and “respect for the female entity”. This is why the brand has also been able to make itself known thanks to majestic wedding dresses. Femininity is represented in a dynamic way by focusing on how women can, by wearing the brand’s pieces, express what they feel. Strengthened by this identity, the Shahira Lasheen house had the opportunity to dress the first lady of Egypt, Entissar al-Sissi or Queen Rania al-Abdallah, Queen of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Inspiration as constancy

There are three characteristics that distinguish the Shahira Lasheen house in Egypt and the Arab world: “creativity, aspiration and the search for different sources of inspiration”. This is how in 2019, the brand set up a collection with a very evocative name, God of Life, which brilliantly celebrated cosmic forces. Colors a bit vintage, a bit disco were able to embellish the symbols. The house has also rolled out a collection, just as spectacular in the play of colors and patterns, but which conveys a much more earthly message. The H2O71% collection aims to alert people to the dangers of water pollution.

God of Life collection. Photo Ahmad Lasheen

The work of the Lasheen family is all the more remarkable as they are the first generation in the country to devote themselves to high fashion and there is a lack of skilled workers. Hence the necessary need for the brand to train workers in this very special industry. Despite the difficulties, Shahira Lasheen has remained drawn to this industry and does not hesitate to compare it to magic. “We are painters who paint dreams with our brushes without being limited by rules or laws.”

The brand’s next objective is to open new branches in the cosmetics, perfume and leather goods sectors. An opportunity to once again consolidate its identity with Arab roots and an Egyptian accent.

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The Shahira Lasheen house: the winning choice of haute couture embroidery