Top gun 2: Maverick is back in force in 2022

Pete Maverick Mitchell, remember that, you guys from the 80s? Imagine that the macho and arrogant fighter pilot returns to Top Gun 2 in 2022, as fiery as in 1986. What news after this very, very long radio silence?

Top Gun 2: Maverick and his pretty face

The hum of Berlin’s cult song “Take my breath away” comes to mind Tom Cruise, aka Maverick in Top Gun 1, especially for the less young among us. The second opus has been highly anticipated since… 2019. But due to the pandemic, the theatrical release date has been postponed to May 25, 2022, so soon!

Where is Maverick with Charlie, the astrophysicist? Iceman, his former rival, will he be there? Pete aka Maverick in the movie is one of the best pilots in the US Navy. 35 years after his training at the school of elite fighters, he finds himself at Top Gun, his former school.

This time, he will be the instructor: a most dangerous mission awaits the young officers under his leadership. Maverick, the intrepid fighter pilot, will face his greatest fear. Three decades earlier, his friend Nick “Goose” Bradshaw died in a flying accident.

Marevick has always blamed himself, even if his innocence has been proven. History seems to haunt him: Lieutenant Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, Goose’s son, is one of the young officers of Top Gun. And it’s up to Maverick to prepare him for the riskiest mission in history.

A technical team led by American Joseph Kosinski

After the first feat of Top Gun in 1986, Paramount Pictures is finally releasing the sequel to one of the most beloved films. Top Gun 1 directed by Tony Scott made explosive receipts: 175,000,000 dollars at the United States box office for a film from the 80s, we can say that it was a phenomenal triumph!

Can we do better in 2022? Paramount Pictures dares the challenge! The production has recruited director Joseph Kosinski and screenwriters Ehren Kruger, Eric Warren Singer and Christopher McQuarrie. Joseph Kosinski is a video game advertising professional.

In 2013, he recruited Tom Cruise for a film adaptation of the comic book Oblivion.

We can also count on the genius of Eric Warren Singer, winner of the prize for best original screenplay at the Bafta Awards in 2014. Joseph Kosinski had the brilliant idea of ​​integrating Jim Cash and Jack Epps Jr into his team. The music promises to be fantastic. The virtuoso Hans Zimmer of film music spares no effort.

And for the cast? For you fans, Tom Cruise remains in control! Irreplaceable icon of the first opus, he resumes his Maverick uniform. This time, Charlie will no longer be there to comfort him. But we find our intrepid and mature aviator, in the company of Jennifer Connelly, alias Penny Benjamin and Miles Teller who plays Rooster, the son of Goose, his deceased best friend.

And surprised! Val Kilmer reappears as Tom “Iceman” Kazanski. Maverick’s rival who won the Top Gun trophy is also back. We remember that they had finally made peace at the time. Water in the gas in sight? Can’t wait for May 2022!

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Top gun 2: Maverick is back in force in 2022