Two great games from Annapurna Interactive to end the year in style

Starting today, Netflix subscribers can play Kentucky Route Zero and to Twelve Minutes, two critically acclaimed Annapurna Interactive games, on the Netflix app for iOS and Android. With these two games, included in the Netflix subscription and offered without advertising or in-app purchases like all the other games, we conclude our first year of adventure within the universe of games.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s only in November 2021 that we announced our ambition to launch games on Netflix, to bring ever more entertainment to our subscribers. Since then, our catalog has grown to 48 games, including award-winning, indie and acclaimed titles spanning multiple genres.

Relive the highlights of 2022 with us and get an overview of upcoming projects:

Although the adventure has only just begun, we look forward to bringing subscribers many games over the coming years, whether from our development partners or from our six in-house studios, to allow everyone to find happiness.

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge (available in the first quarter of 2023)

“TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge”, a Nickelodeon, Playdigious, Tribute Games and Dotemu game, will soon be available exclusively to subscribers on the Netflix mobile app. Full throttle with Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo and the others, you’re here to laugh in this beat ’em up game inspired by the 80s. Cowabunga! Whether you embody a mythical character from the Ninja Turtles or whether you slip into the skin of April, Splinter or Casey Jones, who become playable characters for the first time, you will find old school gameplay embellished with modernized combat mechanics and will be able to discover new adventures in mode Hell story.

Vikings: Valhalla (available in the first quarter of 2023)

In Vikings: Valhalla from Tilting Point, play as chieftains of Viking clans and establish powerful colonies. As your ranks grow, wage war and expand your influence across the continent. Strength, cunning and ingenuity will be your assets to tip the ever-swaying balance of power in your favor.

Kentucky Route Zero (available today)

Unpayable debts, doomed futures and mysterious travellers. Originally published in installments over several years, the five acts and interludes of the BAFTA-winning play Kentucky Route Zero, developed by Cardboard Computer, can now be experienced together. Immersed in a striking visual style that draws inspiration from theater, film, experimental electronic art, and video game history, you’ll travel down a secret underground highway to find community in this mystical adventure game.

Pictures to download here.

Twelve Minutes (available today)

Interact with your screen to break out of a nightmarish time loop. James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley and Willem Dafoe lend their voices to the original version of this intense Tribeca-nominated interactive thriller, designed by Luis Antonio and ported to mobile by 24 Bits Games. What was supposed to be a romantic evening at home with your wife turns into a night of horror when a policeman bursts into your house, accuses your wife of murder and beats you up. Then it all starts from scratch. You suddenly find yourself at the exact moment you opened the door, stuck in a 12-minute time loop, doomed to experience the same sequence of terror over and over again… To get out of it, gather clues from your surroundings in real time and use your knowledge of upcoming events to change the outcome.

Pictures to download here.

High Voltage Seduction: Love at Stake (available now)

Meet sexy singles ready to do anything to charm you in this game inspired by the hit series High tension seduction. Will you choose love or give in to temptation? If you’re a fan of dating shows, you’re in for a treat! Customize your avatar before heading to the beach to find other hot participants ready to do anything to win the jackpot. Will they find love and emotional fulfillment by following Lana’s impossible rules, or will they give in to carnal pleasure? Whatever your approach, charming, cool or naughty, it’s up to you, because either way, romance is never far away…

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Scriptic: Crime Stories (available now)

Leading the investigation in this crime drama, you follow leads to find a killer. Your exhibit? The victim’s phone, full of clues. In this BAFTA-nominated game, you play as a Scotland Yard detective who goes through the phone of the person who just died to find out the truth. Read the victim’s messages, look at their photos and search their apps for clues and immerse yourself in this live-action experience: lead your team into the field and get to know the criminal minds.

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Lonely (available now)

Move cards and arrange them in descending order of alternating red and black, and rank the suits from ace to king in this timeless game loved by all. Also called patience Where success, this great classic, offered by MobilityWare, which created the original free version on iOS, allows you to start a game wherever you want, whenever you want. Participate in daily challenges to win prizes and collect victory animations!

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Two great games from Annapurna Interactive to end the year in style