“Vera’s Investigations”: “Captain Marleau of England” is back!

In January 2015, a new kind of heroine landed on France 3. Under her false airs of Corinne Masiero in “Capitaine Marleau”, which will take the air a few months later on the same channel, the sparkling Brenda Blethyn made everyone agree by lending her features to Vera Stanhope, an unconventional inspector, sometimes even unbearable, but terribly endearing. “An iron hand in a velvet glove”, she was thus presented to the public. United Kingdom, “
Vera’s Investigations
was already a sensation for four years. Even today, this detective series inspired by Ann Cleeves’ novels brings together an average of 7.66 million English people in front of their screens, with a peak of 8.63 million viewers at the launch of the ninth season, on ITV. In France, it has no less than 4 million followers.

A great success that the actress attributes not only to the tortuous intrigues and the superb landscapes that make up the soap opera, but also to the lack of glamor of her character. “
People love Vera because they don’t compete with her hourglass figure.
“, she joked. “
She doesn’t look like she’s off the catwalk and doesn’t rely on lipstick… and I think that look is highly appreciated, in addition to her scoldings
. »

It is true that Vera would not be what she is without her old raincoat, her boots and her fishing hat. Moreover, the fans are always surprised when they meet his interpreter in the flesh. “
They see me, look shocked, and say: Oh, but you’re pretty! and Why do they make you look like that?
laughs Brenda Blethyn. Which, in case you don’t hand it over, won the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival for her role in the social drama “Secrets and Lies” in 1996. A film that also won her the Golden Globe and the BAFTA for best actress, in addition to an Oscar nomination.

Almost thirty years after her coronation in the cinema, the actress is one of the most popular faces of television across the Channel. In a recent poll, his character was even named the fifth best British detective of all time, after icons such as Sherlock Holmes! “
I think people like Vera because she’s a woman of a certain age.
“, adds Brenda, who returns to the charge on her neglected look. “
She wears nice clothes, but doesn’t look in the mirror. She can’t see that this blouse doesn’t go with this skirt, and I love it! She thinks only of her work and seems quite ordinary. Whether you belong to the upper or lower class, there is no discomfort when you address her
. »

Almost at the end ?

This Friday, Vera therefore returns to our screens to put an end to the eleventh season of the soap opera, the last episodes of which date back to March for the Belgians. And then ? If after each shoot, she swears that she will leave the role… Brenda Blethyn always reconsiders her decision. “
I come home and I say to myself: Never again! Where are my slippers?
“says the actress, who celebrated her 76th birthday in February. “
But then I miss Vera and the colleagues, and I hope to find them soon
. »

And to insist that she really has no intention of slowing down. “
As long as I’m in good shape, I’ll visit Vera!
Last good news: shooting for season 12 began a few weeks ago, and will continue until the fall. “
The first episode I read was about a person found dead on a boat. So there will be beautiful places for this one!
already teases the dapper septuagenarian. However, no release date has yet been announced.

“Vera’s investigations”, June 10, 8:50 p.m., front page.

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“Vera’s Investigations”: “Captain Marleau of England” is back!