War in Ukraine: Benedict Cumberbatch wants to house Ukrainians!

During the BAFTAs, comedian Benedict Cumberbatch revealed that he intended to house refugees from the war in Ukraine, in his home!

Many people are getting more and more involved in helping Ukrainians who are victims of the Russian invasion. Benedict Cumberbatch recently said he wanted to stay.

Benedict Cumberbatch invests for Ukrainians

In recent weeks, the Ukrainian people have been living through terrible times. Bombarded by Russia, the country resists but causes many victims. Comedian Benedict Cumberbatch has wanted to raise awareness this weekend.

Present on the BAFTAs red carpet, the comedian who won the Best Actor award did not hesitate to . He displayed himself with a badge in the colors of the country during the event.

Benedict Cumberbatch also spoke about this war in Ukraine. He revealed in an interview relayed by Reuters: “It’s a really shocking time for a European who is a two and a half hour flight from Ukraine”.

Before adding: “And that’s something that weighs on us as well. We all need to do more than wear a badge” . He also encouraged the British to receive war refugees in their homes.

The comedian made a big decision about this war in Ukraine. He wants to welcome refugees from the war. “So we have to donate”. But that’s not all.

Benedict Cumberbatch also confided on the war in Ukraine: “We have to put pressure on our politicians. And this, so that they continue to create a kind of security for the refugees.

Celebrities very affected by the war in Ukraine

Benedict Cumberbatch continued: ” And one refuge here for people who suffer. Everyone should do all they can… There have been a record number of people volunteering to welcome people into their homes”.

Before revealing: “And I hope to be part of it”. For his part, about this war in Ukraine. The columnist of Touche pas à mon poste (TPMP) wants to welcome refugees.

The TPMP columnist then explained: I am in contact with a Ukrainian family,. Even two families. I don’t know them personally. They are work colleagues of my darling”.

Cyril Hanouna’s friend also added on the war in Ukraine: “He went two years before the Covid in Ukraine. Near the Dombass. In Kherson. To make a series of documentaries. Where he saw these two families”.

Valérie Bénaïm also said: “We have reconnected with them. Because he had no contact since this work. And he has them offered to come to us if they managed to leave the country”.

The columnist of Touche not at my post (TPMP) also admitted: “These are two families that I do not know”. One thing is certain, the stars have decided to take part in this war in Ukraine.

Just like Valérie Bénaïm, celebrities encourage people to welcoming refugees from the war in Ukraine into their homes. It remains to be seen whether their voice will be heard. To be continued !

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War in Ukraine: Benedict Cumberbatch wants to house Ukrainians!