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BLACKADDER has brought many memorable comedy moments to our television screens over the years.

The classic British comedy delivers festive laughs with viewers getting the chance to relive Richard Curtis’ look at the life of Edmund Blackadder.


Blackadder took us on a journey through history with his comedy[/caption]

Who stars in Blackadder’s Christmas Carol and where are they now?

The show is a parody of A Christmas Carol originally written by Charles Dickens.

Influenced by his own childhood, Dickens explored traditions old and new, while addressing many key issues of the time such as the treatment of the poor.

Here is where the actors are:

Rowan Atkinson


Atkinson went on to star in numerous comedy roles[/caption]

A key character in any episode of the comedy, Rowan Atkinson plays Ebenezer Blackadder, a businessman who chooses to give his profits to the poor until a visit from The Spirit of Christmas shows him the ways of his ancestors.

After seeing how all of the Blackadders seemingly make a lifestyle out of “being bad”, it begins to change Ebenezer’s mindset, before seeing his alternate futures based on how he decides to live his life. life.

Since his stint in comedy, Atkinson has directed numerous films as well as television shows, bringing characters such as Mr Bean and Johnnie English to life.

The actor has received Bafta and Olivier awards throughout his 40-year career and was named one of Britain’s 50 funniest comedy actors by The Observer.

Rowan is still acting and appeared as Trevor in the Netflix comedy Man Vs Bee in 2022.

Tony Robinson

Where is the cast of Blackadder's Christmas Carol now?

Tony Robinson has made a name for himself in the documentary genre[/caption]

The long-suffering character portrayed by Tony Robinson in the adaptation is Mr. Baldrick, Ebenezer’s assistant at his mustache shop.

Working for the gullible Mr. Blackadder requires him to develop some of the craftsmanship of his ancestors.

Despite the actor’s claim that the series would return some time ago, the show’s writers never considered a reboot of the much-loved series.

Robinson continued to appear in comedies such as Man Down and Plebs while honing his talent in factual programs such as Time Team.

He also works as a producer on his shows History Of Britain, Time Travel and Waling Through History.

Stephen Fry

Where is the cast of Blackadder's Christmas Carol now?

Fry has never been far from our screens since Blackadder[/caption]

Stephen Fry appears in this special as Lord Melchett, Lord Chamberlain to Queen Elizabeth I, alongside Lord Frondo.

As her closest personal adviser, Melchett jealously guards her position and always does her best to please the Queen.

Her continued rivalry with Blackadder leads to the two trying to outdo each other in seeking favors from her.

Since appearing on the show, Fry has gone on to appear in huge titles including Harry Potter, V For Vendetta, and The Hobbit.

He is also well known for his stint as the host of the television show QI.

Stephen was the voice of Colonel K in Danger Mouse from 2015 to 2022 and starred in the television series It’s A Sin in 2021.

Hugues Laurie

Where is the cast of Blackadder's Christmas Carol now?
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Laurie won ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for his role in The Night Manager[/caption]

Probably one of viewers’ favorite characters, Hugh Laurie appears in it as Prince George, a clumsy, self-absorbed, pompous, whimsical fool who spends money extravagantly.

In this particular episode, he also appears as Lord Pigmot.

Laurie has acted in many movies, but it was probably her role on the TV show House, which saw her play Dr. Gregory House in the long-running series, that brought her further fame.

He went on to win Golden Globes in 2006 and 2007 for his performance as Dr. Gregory House.

Laurie also starred in the TV series The Night Manager, which earned her other accolades.

He has played Ryan Clark in Avenue 5 since 2020.

Miranda Richardson

Where is the cast of Blackadder's Christmas Carol now?

Miranda Richardson is still heavily involved in the UK theater scene[/caption]

One of the most beloved characters from the Blackadder series is that of Queen Elizabeth I, played by Miranda Richardson.

Queenie, as she is called, has all the manners of a spoiled schoolgirl and the power to have someone put to death if their nose is prettier than hers.

Richardson has acted in many films such as Sleepy Hollow, Harry Potter, Damage, The Crying Game, Made In Dagenham, The Young Victoria and Churchill.

Miranda plays Madame Tracy in Good Omens.

When Blackadder’s Christmas Carol airs and where to watch it

Blackadder’s Christmas Carol appears on Thursday 22 December 2022 at 6.15pm on BBC2.

The series, and this particular episode, can also be streamed on BBC iPlayer.

The show also airs on UK Gold on Thursday 22nd December 2022 at 9.40pm.

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Where is the cast of Blackadder’s Christmas Carol now? – News 24